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Facility Focus: Savannah River National Laboratory
Products of Tomorrow: February 2019
Executive Forum: Electronics Design
Accelerating SENT Troubleshooting and Debug Using an Oscilloscope

Products of the Month

New on the Market: February 2019
Product of the Month: February 2019

Application Briefs

Aluminum Extrusions Help Ski Maker Achieve Olympic-Sized Goals
Connectors Prove Pivotal in Nanosatellite-Based Communication Network
Tech Briefs


Material Removes Ice Buildup Without Power or Chemicals
Method Increases Adhesive Properties of Silicone
Ultrathin, Ultralight “Nanocardboard” Recovers Shape After Bending
Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) 370 Resin for High-Temperature Applications


CHEBY Toolkit for Processing and Editing Chebyshev Files
Interactive Software Simplifies Complex Mold Design
Biometric-Based User Authentication
Rocket Nozzle Side-Load Analysis Software
Selecting a Software Programming Platform

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Single-Crystal SiGe/Sapphire Epitaxy
Scalable Manufacturing Process for Creating Spools of Graphene
Film Blocks Electromagnetic Interference
Printing Technology Uses Sound Waves to Control Size of Liquid Droplets
Manufacturing Technique Helps Inkjet Printers Deliver Ink More Evenly

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Ultrasensitive Chip-Based Sensors
Capacitive Pressure Sensor System and Packaging
High-Voltage Power Line Multi-Sensor System
Self-Powering Sensor Using a Nano-Energy Harvester
Plasma Generator Using Spiral Conductors


Artificial Intelligence Device Identifies Objects at the Speed of Light
Micro-Mirror Optical Tracking and Ranging System
Thermal-Compensating Optics Housing
Steering-Mirror-Assisted Laser Fine Pointing
Motion Design


Advanced Connector Technologies: From Aerospace to Racecars to Robots
Implementing Anti-Rotational Guidance for Stepper Motor Linear Actuators


Robots Bring Airplane Production Up to Speed


Designing Self-Propelled, Chemically Active Sheets
Micro-Robot Climbs on Vertical and Upside-Down Conductive Surfaces
Foot Pedal Controller
Tiny Robots Grow Bio-inspired Shapes
Artificial Joint Restores Wrist-Like Movements
Walking Robot Moves Without GPS
Speedy Motor Modeling


New Products: February 2019 Motion Design