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Lightweighting in Aerospace Component and System Design
SAE WCX: Bringing You the Future of Mobility
The Heat Is On: A Guide to Specifying Insulation Materials
Create the Future Design Contest Alumni Achieve Market Success
Products of Tomorrow: March 2019
Facility Focus: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Products of the Month

New on the Market: March 2019
Product of the Month: March 2019 Tech Briefs
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Precision Low-Speed Motor Controller
High-Power Thermoelectric Generator
MEMS Switch Extends Life of Cellphones
System Selectively Sequesters Toxins from Water
Computer-Controlled Exercise Equipment


Delamination and Porosity in Composites and Adhesives Using Solid and Particulate Powdered Aerogel
“Metallic Wood” Has the Strength of Titanium and the Density of Water
Composite Advances Lignin as Renewable 3D Printing Material
Nanoscale Pillars Act as Memory Foam


Efficient Security for Cloud-Based Machine Learning
Self-Stabilizing, Distributed, Symmetric, Fault-Tolerant Synchronization
Generative Design Enhances Autonomous Vehicle Development
Optimal Computational Vision Pipeline (OCVP)

Electronics & Computers

Microfabrication Technique Modifies Semiconductor Material Atom-by-Atom
Composable Storage Platform for High-Performance Computing
“Light-Written” Photonic Memory Devices
Interoperable Intelligent Controllers for Process Management and Control Networks
Electronics Withstand Extreme Heat


Airborne Machine Learning Estimates for Local Winds and Kinematics
Multi-Purpose, Flexible Wing Structure for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
Flexible, Spinning Heat Shield for Spacecraft
Variable-Depth, Multilayer Liner for Aircraft Noise Reduction


Green Electric Monopropellant (GEM)-Fueled Pulsed Plasma Thruster
Real-Time, Fuel-Optimal, Powered Descent Guidance Using Interpolated Time-of-Flight and Propellant Mass
Small-Body Dynamics Toolkit Version 5.0
Sublimable Propellant Source for Iodine-Fed Ion Propulsion System
Fuel Cell/Fuel Cell Hybrid System
Effects of Reynolds and Mach Numbers in Large Eddy Simulation of Supersonic Round Jets
Photonics & Imaging Technology


Measuring Aging, Fat and Water Content in Meat Products Using Hyperspectral Imaging


Additive Manufacturing Using Infrared and X-Ray Imaging
Deep Learning in Machine Vision
A New Route to High Sensitivity Pressure Sensors
The Role Deep Learning Plays in Imaging Software


Text Tech: Navy Vessels Use Shipboard Signal Lamps for Text Messaging
Nano-Optic Endoscope Sees Deep into Tissue at High Resolution
Individual Quantum Dots Imaged in 3-D for the First Time
New Fast, Economical Bioimaging Technique
New Engine Optics to Fuel Future Research
A Marriage of Light-Manipulation Technologies
Researchers Combine Metalens With an Artificial Muscle
X-Ray Study of Low-Density Materials
Sensor Technology


Building Blocks for a Practical Wireless Sensor System
Understanding Bluetooth Mesh Networking


Make Your Construction Jobsite Safer and Faster with Smart Sensors
Driverless Forklifts


Graphene's Magic Is in the Defects
Using Inkjet Printers to Build a New Biosensor for Less Invasive Breast Cancer Detection
Researchers Develop Sensors to Detect and Measure Cancer's Ability to Spread
New Wristband Provides Personalized and Real-Time Tracking of UV Exposure


New Products: March 2019 Sensor Technology