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Products of Tomorrow: August 2019
Module or Discrete Power?
Simulation of Autonomous Vehicles
Facility Focus: National Energy Technology Laboratory
Image-Analysis Software Sees Cancer in 3D
Image Warping Caused by Heat-Induced Turbulence


New on the Market: August 2019
Product of the Month: August 2019 Tech Briefs

Application Briefs

Moisture Sensor Based on NASA Humidity Sensor
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Cryogenic Hydraulically Actuated Isolation Valve
Nitinol-Actuated, Normally Open Valve Assembly (NOVA)
Method Uses Ultraviolet Light to Control Fluid Flow and Organize Particles
Nickel Titanium Alloy Ball Bearings
Lunar Surface Manipulation System
Light-Activated Micro-Pump
Microscale Electro-Hydrodynamic (EHD) Modular Cartridge Pump
Deployable Emergency Shutoff Device Blocks High-Velocity Fluid Flows


Tuning Material Color and Thermal Properties Separately
Fire-Retardant Coating Uses Renewable, Nontoxic Materials
Textile Cools or Insulates Automatically
Controlling Thermal Conductivity of Polymers with Light


Technique for 3D-Printing of Replacement Organs
Endovascular Variable Aortic Control Catheter
Wearable Monitor Continuously Measures Breath Rate and Volume
Microneedles Extract Fluid for Wearable Sensors
Implanted Wireless Nerve Stimulator

Electronics & Computers

Tiny Device Speeds up Memory While Saving Power
Double-Sided Si(Ge)/Sapphire/III-Nitride Hybrid Structures
Technique Identifies Electricity-Producing Bacteria
Organic Semiconductor Thin-Film Sensors Detect Disease Markers in Breath
High-Temperature Dielectric Nanocomposite
System Provides “Electric Eyesight” for Autonomous Vehicles
Inductive Power Transfer for Spaceflight Systems
Data-Compression Technique Speeds Computer Programs
Technology Produces Unclonable Digital Fingerprints for Internet of Things Devices


Full-Color Holograms Can Be Viewed With Low Light
Decoding Multiple Frames from a Single, Scattered Exposure
Visualizing Motion of Water Molecules for Liquid-Based Electronics
Technique Makes Objects Invisible to Image Detection Systems
Efficient Hexagonally Sampled Image Processing
Automated Object Detection in an Image
Method Adjusts Structure of Dyes to Create Colorful Fluorescent Molecules
Surgeons Use Augmented Reality to Reconnect Blood Vessels
Microfocus, Dual-Energy Imaging System Improves Contaminant Detection


Combustion Gas Heat Exchanger
Two-Dimensional Materials Improve Efficiency of Lithium-Air Batteries
Hybrid Cathodes Could Boost Energy Capacity of Lithium Batteries
Wearable Liquid Unit Harvests Energy
Process Directly Converts Methane to Methanol
Motion Design


Build IIoT Networks with Smart Control and HMI Software
Cable Construction for Machine Vision Connectivity
Stepper Motor Drives: Factors to Help Determine Proper Selection


Shutoff Device Controls and Meters Flows in Harsh Environments


New Piston Design Features Soft, Flexible Materials
Sensor-Packed Glove Learns Signatures of the Human Grasp
Hybrid Robot Flies, Creeps, and Leaps Off Buildings


New Products: August 2019 Motion Design