Pharma industries, transportation services, the energy sector, and mining companies are looking for a new place to do business, and it’s more than 200,000 miles from Earth.

The private sector is heading to the Moon – a world of potential resources like metal, water, and solar power, according to our guest on this week’s Here’s an Idea: Blair DeWitt, CEO and Co-founder of the Massachusetts-based Lunar Station Corporation. 

“When you look at how private enterprise globally is starting to see the Moon the way we’ve seen it for years, they’re seeing it as our eighth continent,” said DeWitt in our Here’s an Idea podcast.

With his company’s data intelligence, DeWitt wants to answer two critical questions for this next generation of explorers: Where to look for resources, and how to get there. 

Learn about future lunar missions, and the role Lunar Station wants to play in them.

Listen to this episode of Here’s an Idea below. 

Watch a demo from DeWitt of the MoonHacker software.

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