Bodine Electric (Northfield, IL) offers 34B-WX brushless DC (EC) gearmotors that are ETL listed and comply with National Electrical Code Class I, Division 2 safety standards. They are designed to reduce the risk of accidental fires or explosions in hazardous locations. The gearmotors feature low-voltage 12/24V DC brushless motors, and are suited for solar- or battery-powered applications. Upgraded terminal boxes provide additional insulation for electrical connections, and specially coated commutator assemblies reduce the risk of accidentally igniting flammable materials.

The motors feature high starting torque and linear speed-torque characteristics for variable speed applications. The WX gearhead features all-steel helical gears and synthetic lubricant. The gearmotors offer continuous duty torque ratings of up to 205 lb-in (23 Nm) and standard gear ratios from 4:1 to 312:1.

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