The first full joint testing between NASA and the U.S. Navy of the Orion spacecraft recovery procedures off the coast of California was suspended after the team experienced issues with handling lines securing a test version of Orion inside the well deck of the USS San Diego. Tests were being conducted to prepare for recovery of Orion after it splashes down in the Pacific Ocean at the end of its first spaceflight.

Members of the Orion recovery team work to retrieve a test version of Orion's forward bay cover, a protective shell that fits on the crew module.
The testing was planned to allow teams to demonstrate and evaluate the processes, procedures, hardware, and personnel that will be needed for recovery operations. Even though it did not go as planned, the testing has provided important data that is being used to improve recovery procedures and hardware.

Several test objectives were accomplished before the remaining tests were called off, including successful recoveries of the forward bay cover and parachute, and demonstrations of the coordination required between the team onboard the ship and mission control in Houston.