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Augmented Reality System Gives Marines New Perspective on Combat Training


The Augmented Immersive Team Trainer (AITT) from the Office of Naval Research allows Marines to transform any location into a dynamic training ground by injecting virtual images, indirect fire effects, aircraft, vehicles, and simulated people onto a real-world view of one's surroundings. The AITT comprises a laptop, software, and battery pack, and a helmet-mounted display - and can support a wide range of live, virtual, and cutting-edge training scenarios. On October 15, Marines participated in the final demonstration of the system. The AITT represents a major breakthrough in Marine Corps combat training. Traditionally, the field portion of 'call-for-fire' exercises includes aircraft and munitions - which are costly and time-consuming to set up, staff, and equip, but an important part of the training experience. The wait time for a test range can be lengthy, rain can cancel the testing and it can be difficult to get assets in place, since equipment can break down. The AITT completely bypasses these obstacles by using virtual ground vehicles, aircraft and munitions. It also enables Marines to train anywhere, on demand, and eliminates the maintenance issues or weather-related restrictions that can hamper or cancel training.