Quick-Release Binder: An Easy Way to Recycle Batteries

We’re using more Lithium-ion batteries but are running out of ingredients. There’s a need to reuse the valuable components, but recycling batteries isn’t easy. Now, Berkeley Lab scientists have stepped in to invent a material — Quick-Release Binder — that makes the process to extract the ingredients for reuse easy, economical, and environmentally friendly.

“We’re getting to the point that recycling batteries will be a requirement,” said project leader Gao Liu , a senior scientist in Berkeley Lab’s Energy Technologies Area and a member of the Berkeley Lab Energy Storage Center. “If we don’t stop burning them and throwing them in the trash, we will run out of resources in the next ten years. It’s just impossible to keep up with the number of batteries the market is demanding otherwise. There’s just not enough cobalt, not enough nickel – we have to recycle.”