With its modular design, Yarbo eliminates the need for multiple equipment, saving time and effort. (Image: Yarbo)


A smart modular yardwork robot that can blow leaves and plow snow as well as achieve reductions in carbon emissions at the same time.


Yarbo is a smart and autonomous yard-maintenance robot. It is designed to meet varied yard-care demands around the year, covering functions like snow removal, lawn mowing, leaf blowing, security patrol, daily picks, watering, etc. Its newest attachment, the Snow Blower S1 Plus, that was unveiled at CES 2024 in January, improves on the older S1 with the ability to process snowdrifts 16-inches high. Precise positioning vision system (PPVS) is Yarbo’s proprietary fusion technology, which integrates RTK-GPS, computer vision, and other sensors to achieve a centimeter-grade accurate positioning without using any beacons or wires. Equipped with millimeter-wave radar and three built-in cameras, it accurately senses obstacles, ensuring pedestrian safety. The robot is managed through a smartphone app or remote controller as well as can autocharge on a docking station, eliminating the need for any manual intervention or exposure to harsh weather conditions. Adopting a modular design and powered by a Li-ion battery, Yarbo aims to achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions from snow removal in the coming years.


Yarbo, Ronkonkoma, NY


Yarbo eliminates the need for multiple equipment, saving time and effort. It can do different yard work autonomously with the same universal body, by swapping with different functional attachments.


The robot and its components are already in the market. The updated Snow Blower S1 Plus model comes out later this year.

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