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Nanotechnology Innovations Advance Electronics, Materials, and Manufacturing
Teleoperation of Unmanned Vehicles Using Immersive Telepresence
Advances in Magnetic Bearings

Who's Who

Dr. Adrian Ponce, Deputy Manager, Planetary Science Section, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Products of the Month

Motor Design Software
Speed Regulator
Tilt Sensor Switches
DC Gearmotor
Motor Drive Integrated Circuit
Reciprocating Linear Drive
Linear Motor Stages
Linear Stepper Motors
Magnetic Lifting Tool
DC/DC Controller
Positioning Sensor
Torque Location Sensor Arm
Motor Identification Chip
Process Pumps
Rotary Encoder
Linear Actuator
Magnetic Particle Brakes
Pan-Tilt Units
Servo Drive
Uncooled Thermal Camera
Color Sensors
Machine Vision Software
Bandpass Filters
Microscope Viewing System

Application Briefs

Software Improves Access to NASA Earth Models
Custom Assembly Helps Create Medical-Grade Saline in Space
Camera/Robot System Increases Quality and Reduces Costs for Vehicle Component Supplier
Data Management Speeds Up Simulation of Crash Test Dummy Models
Electro-Hydraulic Motion Controller for Earthquake Simulation
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Hybrid Heat Exchangers
Orbital Winch for High-Strength, Space-Survivable Tethers
Steerable Hopping Six-Legged Robot
Launchable and Retrievable Tetherobot

Information Sciences

Physics of Life: A Model for Non-Newtonian Properties of Living Systems
Parameterized Linear Longitudinal Airship Model


Modeling of Failure for Analysis of Triaxial Braided Carbon Fiber Composites
Selective Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes: Part II
Catalyst for Carbon Monoxide Oxidation
Titanium Hydroxide — a Volatile Species at High Temperature


Integrating Radar Image Data With Google Maps
Mercury Toolset for Spatiotemporal Metadata
Social Tagging of Mission Data
Public Risk Assessment Program
Particle Swarm Optimization Toolbox
Telescience Support Center Data System Software
Update on PISCES
Ground and Space Radar Volume Matching and Comparison Software
Web-Based Interface for Command and Control of Network Sensors
Orbit Determination Toolbox
Distributed Observer Network
Computer-Automated Evolution of Spacecraft X-Band Antennas

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Practical Loop-Shaping Design of Feedback Control Systems
Fully Printed High-Frequency Phased-Array Antenna on Flexible Substrate

Physical Sciences

Situational Awareness From a Low-Cost Camera System
Data Acquisition System for Multi-Frequency Radar Flight Operations Preparation

Electronics & Computers

Interface Supports Lightweight Subsystem Routing for Flight Applications
Demonstration of a Submillimeter-Wave HEMT Oscillator Module at 330 GHz
Flexible Peripheral Component Interconnect Input/Output Card
MMIC Amplifiers and Wafer Probes for 350 to 500 GHz
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Method for Attaining an Extreme Cantilever
Radioprotectants for Humans Exposed to Chronic and Acute Radiation

NASA Tech Needs

Cognitive Networking for NASA

Tech for License

High-Efficiency, Positive-Displacement, Water-Powered Sump Pump
Cellular Wireless Gateway for Residential and Commercial Communication