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Industry Update: Analysis & Simulation Software
Grand Prize Winner
John C. Stennis Space Center
3D Imaging Technology Changing the Way We Look at Things
Creating 3D Terrain Maps from 2D Data
Addressing Trends in Analysis & Simulation Software
NASA Looks to Make Tractor Beams a Reality
Electronics Category Winner
Consumer Products Category Winner
Machinery & Equipment Category Winner
Medical Category Winner
Safety & Security Category Winner
Transportation Category Winner
Sustainable Technologies Category Winner
Create the Future Design Contest 2011
New NASA Material Redefines “Dark”
New Video Documents Three-Year Trek by Mars Rover
Silicon Block Inspection with SWIR Imaging

Who's Who

William Allen, Senior Engineer, Spacecraft Mechanical Engineering Section, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

Products of the Month

Tunable Laser Module and Fast Spectral Loss Engine
High-Dynamic-Range Read Out Circuit
Test-and-Measurement Platform
Green Laser Diode Modules
Linear-Array PMT Modules
Femtosecond Laser
Filter Modeling Tool
Network Activation Kit
Transmission Electron Microscope
SolidWorks® 2012 3D Design Software
Servo Drive
PC/104-Plus and EPIC SBCs
Fanless Mini PC
Blade Server

Application Briefs

Sensors Measure Vibroacoustic Shock During Launches
Data Acquisition System Monitors Lightning Strikes
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Pressure Regulator With Internal Ejector Circulation Pump, Flow and Pressure Measurement Porting, and Fuel Cell System Integration Options
Two-Stage Centrifugal Fan
Combined Structural and Trajectory Control of Variable-Geometry Planetary Entry Systems

Information Sciences

CropEx Web-Based Agricultural Monitoring and Decision Support
High-Performance Data Analysis Tools for Sun-Earth Connection Missions
Achieving Exact and Constant Turnaround Ratio in a DDS-Based Coherent Transponder
Surface Modeling to Support Small-Body Spacecraft Exploration and Proximity Operations


Temperature-Sensitive Coating Sensor Based on Hematite
Detection of Carbon Monoxide Using Polymer-Carbon Composite Films
Substituted Quaternary Ammonium Salts Improve Low-Temperature Performance of Double-Layer Capacitors
Standardization of a Volumetric Displacement Measurement for Two-Body Abrasion Scratch Test Data Analysis
Sustainably Sourced, Thermally Resistant, Radiation Hard Biopolymer


Telemetry and Science Data Software System
G-DYN Multibody Dynamics Engine
Multibody Simulation Software Testbed for Small-Body Exploration and Sampling
Propulsive Reaction Control System Model
Licklider Transmission Protocol Implementation
Core Recursive Hierarchical Image Segmentation

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Microfabrication of a High-Throughput Nanochannel Delivery/Filtration System
Monolithic Flexure Pre-Stressed Ultrasonic Horns
Improved Design and Fabrication of Hydrated-Salt Pills

Physical Sciences

Flight Test Results from the Rake Airflow Gage Experiment on the F-15B
Integrated Lens Antennas for Multi-Pixel Receivers
Validating Phasing and Geometry of Large Focal Plane Arrays
180-GHz Interferometric Imager
Maturation of Structural Health Management Systems for Solid Rocket Motors


Wireless Foot Switch Design Considerations
Spatially-Invariant Vector Quantization for Image Analysis
Benefits of Polypropylene Availability


Multiple-Event, Single-Photon Counting Imaging Sensor
Qualification of Fiber Optic Cables for Martian Extreme Temperature Environments
Transverse Pupil Shifts for Adaptive Optics Non-Common Path Calibration
Solid-State Spectral Light Source System

Electronics & Computers

Experiment in Onboard Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Processing
Wheel-Based Ice Sensors for Road Vehicles
Broadband Via-Less Microwave Crossover Using Microstrip- CPW Transitions
Cryogenic Quenching Process for Electronic Part Screening
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Pathogen Inactivation Technologies
Structural Detection of Welded Steel Regions

NASA Tech Needs

Technologies for Large-Scale Numerical Simulation

Tech for License

Magnetic Device Separates Hydrogen from Oxygen
Piezo-Driven Pressure Controller Saves Heat