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Solar Cell Manufacturing and Robot Automation: Right Fit, Right Robot
Motion Control and System Engineering Considerations
Ames Research Center

Who's Who

Dr. Bruce Wielicki, Senior Earth Scientist, Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

Products of the Month

Rodless Actuators
Brushless Motor
Three-Phase Motor
Soft Starter
Linear Rail Platform
Machine Automation Controller
Torque Wrench
Direct Drive Motor Systems
Voice Coil Motor
Metal Gear Motors
Servo Drive
Motion System Design Software
Product of the Month: ANSYS 14.0
DPSS Lasers
LCD Digital Tablet/Cameras
Intensified CCDs
Optical Sensor
Organic Solar Cell Initiative
Integrated ATCA Power Entry Module and DC-DC Bus Converter
Power Supply Manager
Power Management DC/DC Converters
Programmable DC-DC Integrated Circuits
Low-Dropout Regulator for Portable Devices
TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver

Application Briefs

Springs and Couplings Keep Mars Science Laboratory Rover on Track
Reverse Engineering Software Reduces Design Time of NASA UAV Engine Cowling
Optimized Machine Capability Through Mechatronics: Packaging for the Future
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Magnetic Interface for Segmented Mirror Assembly
Axel Robotic Platform for Crater and Extreme Terrain Exploration
Transpiration-Cooled Spacecraft-Insulation-Repair Fasteners
Site Tamper and Material Plow Tool — STAMP

Information Sciences

Real-Time Flight Envelope Monitoring System
Model-Based Fault Diagnosis: Performing Root Cause and Impact Analyses in Real Time
Interactive Schematic Integration Within the Propellant System Modeling Environment
Magnetic and Electric Field Polarizations of Oblique Magnetospheric Chorus Waves
Variable Sampling Mapping


Three Dimensionally Interlinked, Dense, Solid Form of Single-Walled CNT Ropes
Flexible Plug Repair for Shuttle Wing Leading Edge
Use of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes for Covalent Attachment of Nanotubes to Silicon


Techniques for Down-Sampling a Measured Surface Height Map for Model Validation
Nemesis Autonomous Test System

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Glovebox for GeoLab Subsystem in HDU1-PEM
Modified Process Reduces Porosity When Soldering in Reduced Gravity Environments

Physical Sciences

Optical Comb From a Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator for Spectroscopy and Astronomy Instruments Calibration
Mirror Metrology Using Nano-Probe Supports
Multi-Component, Multi-Point Interferometric Rayleigh/Mie Doppler Velocimeter
Fluorescence-Based Sensor for Monitoring Activation of Lunar Dust
Aperture Ion Source


Optical Manufacturing Guidelines for Medical OEMs
Virtual Ultrasound Guidance for Inexperienced Operators
Using Proprietary Solvent Technology to Swell Silicone
Mechanical Components for Demanding Applications

Test & Measurement

Automated Lab-on-a-Chip Electrophoresis System

Electronics & Computers

Frequency to Voltage Converter Analog Front-End Prototype
Dust-Tolerant Intelligent Electrical Connection System
Gigabit Ethernet Asynchronous Clock Compensation FIFO
High-Speed, Multi-Channel Serial ADC LVDS Interface for Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Increased Steel Surface Friction
Halogen-Free Fire Retardants

NASA Tech Needs

NASA Medical Capabilities for Space Missions

Tech for License

Synthetic Material Offers Touch-Feel of Genuine Leather
Piezoelectric-Actuated Valves Bring Accuracy to Process Control Systems