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Automotive Engineering: The Future is Today
Marshall Space Flight Center
Mode-Field Diameter and “Spot Size” Measurements of Lensed and Tapered Specialty Fibers
Designing COTS LCD Displays For Rugged Applications
Real 3D Visualization: The Promise of Virtual Holography
Benchtop Imaging Devices: Making Fluorescence Microscopy More Accessible
Software Toolkit Inspects Automotive Components

Who's Who

Donald Wegel, Lead Engineer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: WiPry-Combo
Organic Solar Cell
Metal Adapter
LED Driver ICs
Laser Welding System
Tunable Short-Pulse Laser
Camera Platform
CMOS Cameras
Custom Optical Mirrors
USB Laser Control System
CoaXPress Digital Cameras
Solar Module Encapsulant
Camera with USB 2.0 Interface
Non-Contact Laser Scanner
Evaluation Module
Split Camera
Contrast Sensors
Near-Infrared Camera
Programmable Camera
Infrared Zoom Lens
Embedded Vision System
Vision System
Software Development Toolkit
Triaxial MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer
Linear Hall-Effect Sensor IC
FPGA Development Kit
HDL Code Generator

Application Briefs

Test Systems Ensure Structural Integrity of Orion Crew Vehicle
Material Passes Tests for James Webb Space Telescope Sunshield
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Instrument Package Manipulation Through the Generation and Use of an Attenuated-Fluent Gas Fold

Information Sciences

Physics Mining of Multi-Source Data Sets
Secure Peer-to-Peer Networks for Scientific Information Sharing
High-Rate Data-Capture for an Airborne Lidar System
Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Loading Tool (MDMLT)
Foam-on-Tile Damage Model


Sealing Materials for Use in Vacuum at High Temperatures
Radiation Shielding System Using a Composite of Carbon Nanotubes Loaded With Electropolymers
Nano Sponges for Drug Delivery and Medicinal Applications
Molecular Technique to Understand Deep Microbial Diversity
Methods and Compositions Based on Culturing Microorganisms in Low Sedimental Fluid Shear Conditions


Doppler Lidar Signal Processing Suite (DLiSPS)
3D Visualization for Phoenix Mars Lander Science Operations
System-of-Systems Technology-Portfolio- Analysis Tool
VESGEN Software for Mapping and Quantification of Vascular Regulators
Constructing a Database From Multiple 2D Images for Camera Pose Estimation and Robot Localization
Adaption of G-TAG Software for Validating Touch and Go Asteroid Sample Return Design Methodology

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Carbon Nanotube Bonding Strength Enhancement Using Metal “Wicking” Process
Germanium Lift-Off Masks for Thin Metal Film Patterning
Multi-Layer Far- Infrared Component Technology

Physical Sciences

Portable Fourier Transform Spectroscopy for Analysis of Surface Contamination and Quality Control
'In Situ' Geochemical Analysis and Age Dating of Rocks Using Laser Ablation-Miniature Mass Spectrometer
Spectral Profiler Probe for 'In Situ' Snow Grain Size and Composition Stratigraphy
Photogrammetry Tool for Forensic Analysis
Maturation of Structural Health Management Systems for Solid Rocket Motors
Imaging System Aperture Masks for Image Plane Exit Pupil Characterization
Nanostructure Sensing and Transmission of Gas Data
Multicolor Detectors for Ultrasensitive Long-Wave Imaging Cameras
Electro-Optic Segment- Segment Sensors for Radio and Optical Telescopes


Optical Communications Receiver
Low-Noise, Large-Area Quad Photoreceivers Based on Low-Capacitance Quad Photodiodes
Wavefront Sensing Analysis of Grazing Incidence Optical Systems
RxGen General Optical Model Prescription Generator

Electronics & Computers

Connect Global Positioning System RF Module
Miniature EVA Software Defined Radio
Simple Cell Balance Circuit
Remotely Accessible Testbed for Software Defined Radio Development
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Command and Data Handling Flight Electronics Subsystem
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Indoor Air Quality Improvements
Air and Moisture Removal Within Closed Containers

Tech for License

Biodegradable Silica Gel Fiber Regenerates Cell Tissue
Nozzle Produces Ultrafine Droplets