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3D Printing Gets Real
Underwater Autonomous Vehicles Combine Robotics and Vision to Inspect Oil Pipelines

Who's Who

Michael Gazarik, Director of Space Technology Programs, NASA Headquarters, Washington DC

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: HP Z1 Workstation
Measurement Machine Software
Linear Actuators
Linear Systems
Rubber Mountings
Software-Based PLC
Tri-Axial Inclinometer
Piezo Stage System
Stepper Drive/Controller
Diaphragm Micropump
Thermoelectric Temperature Controller
24W Laser
Photovoltaic Metallization Paste
Frame Grabber

Application Briefs

Mission Control Core Trajectory Subsystem Gets Software Upgrade
Medical Robotics Experts Help Advance NASA’s Satellite Surgery Project
Creating a Fully Automated Pharmacy Warehouse
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Static Gas-Charging Plug
Low-Cost, Rugged High-Vacuum System
Stemless Ball Valve
Floating Oil-Spill Containment Device

Information Sciences

Model-Based Method for Sensor Validation
Finite Element Models for Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication Process
IMAGESEER — IMAGEs for Education and Research
Vehicle Detection for RCTA/ANS (Autonomous Navigation System)
HyDE Framework for Stochastic and Hybrid Model-Based Diagnosis
Autonomous Information Unit for Fine-Grain Data Access Control and Information Protection in a Net-Centric System
Image Mapping and Visual Attention on the Sensory Ego-Sphere


High-Temperature Shape Memory Polymers
Non-Toxic, Low-Freezing, Drop-In Replacement Heat Transfer Fluids
Modular Flooring System
Materials That Enhance Efficiency and Radiation Resistance of Solar Cells


Dispersed Fringe Sensing Analysis — DFSA
'In Situ' Mosaic Brightness Correction
Simplex GPS and InSAR Inversion Software
Virtual Machine Language 2.1
Multi-Scale Three- Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation System for Coastal Ocean Prediction
Pandora Operation and Analysis Software

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Processing of Nanosensors Using a Sacrificial Template Approach
Fabrication of a Cryogenic Bias Filter for Ultrasensitive Focal Plane

Physical Sciences

Gas Composition Sensing Using Carbon Nanotube Arrays
Computational Ghost Imaging for Remote Sensing
Indium Tin Oxide Resistor-Based Nitric Oxide Microsensors
Sensor for Boundary Shear Stress in Fluid Flow
Oxygen-Methane Thruster
Lunar Navigation Determination System — LaNDS
Supercritical CO₂ Cleaning System for Planetary Protection and Contamination Control Applications
Design and Performance of a Wideband Radio Telescope
Launch Method for Kites in Low-Wind or No-Wind Conditions


New Thermal Management Strategies for Medical Devices
Improving Balance Function Using Low Levels of Electrical Stimulation of the Balance Organs
Guidelines for Thermoplastic Color Control and Change Management
SFDC/DHR Interface Systems Add Parametric Data to Support Medical Manufacturers
EyeBrain Tracker for Early Diagnosis and Monitoring of Neurological Disease

Electronics & Computers

Digital Architecture for a Trace Gas Sensor Platform
Qualification of Engineering Camera for Long-Duration Deep Space Missions
Remotely Powered Reconfigurable Receiver for Extreme Environment Sensing Platforms
Bump Bonding Using Metal-Coated Carbon Nanotubes
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Naturally Derived Chemicals Exhibiting Pesticidal Effects
Natural Ingredients for Foods That Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Tech for License

Detection of Pathogens, Environmental Contaminants, and Illicit Materials
Smart Grid Technology for Monitoring Power Generation of Each Solar Panel