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Influence of Position Measurement on Accuracy in 5-Axis Machining
Changing How We Fly Aviation Technology Today and Tomorrow
Bacteria Provide Cleanup of Oil Spills and Wastewater
Camera Trends 2012: Speed, Resolution, and Software

Who's Who

Who's Who at NASA: Jack Vieira, Range Project Manager

Products of the Month

Servo Drives
Magnetic Encoder
Brushless Motors
Digital Servo Drive
Acceleration Sensors
Digital Torquemeter
Servo Motor
Servo Drive
Torque Limiters
Flow-Regulating Valve
Motion Control Systems
Stepping Motor
Motor Control IC
Imaging Module
GigE-Compatible Camera
Microscope Color Camera
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Cameras
High-Speed Camera System

Application Briefs

NASA Adopts Modeling and Simulation Software for Space Exploration Projects
Thin-Film Tape Protects Mars Rover Wiring
Rendering Software Helps NASA’s Conceptual Image Lab Bring Science to the Public
New Automotive Test Bench Concept Eliminates Gyrating Mass
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Thermally Resilient, Broadband Optical Absorber From UV to IR Derived From Carbon Nanostructures
Verilog-A Device Models for Cryogenic Temperature Operation of Bulk Silicon CMOS Devices

Information Sciences

Algorithm for Compressing Time-Series Data
Onboard Science and Applications Algorithm for Hyperspectral Data Reduction
Sampling Technique for Robust Odorant Detection Based on MIT RealNose Data
Rapid Process to Generate Beam Envelopes for Optical System Analysis
High-Performance, Multi-Node File Copies and Checksums for Clustered File Systems
Space Operations Learning Center Facebook Application
Stiffness and Damping Coefficient Estimation of Compliant Surface Gas Bearings for Oil-Free Turbomachinery
Sampling and Reconstruction of the Pupil and Electric Field for Phase Retrieval
Rotorcraft Diagnostics
Recursive Branching Simulated Annealing Algorithm
Method for Pre-Conditioning a Measured Surface Height Map for Model Validation


Three-Dimensional Porous Particles Composed of Curved, Two-Dimensional, Nano-Sized Layers for Li-Ion Batteries
Enhanced-Adhesion Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes on Titanium Substrates for Stray Light Control
Detection of Carbon Monoxide Using Polymer-Composite Films With a Porphyrin-Functionalized Polypyrrole
Ultra-Lightweight Nanocomposite Foams and Sandwich Structures for Space Structure Applications


iGlobe Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Spatial Data
Small Aircraft Data Distribution System
Earth Science Datacasting v2.0
Security Data Warehouse Application
Active Mirror Predictive and Requirements Verification Software (AMP-ReVS)
Personal Computer Transport Analysis Program
Navigation/Prop Software Suite
Pressure Ratio to Thermal Environments
Probabilistic Fatigue Damage Program (FATIG)
ASCENT Program
JPL Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) Portal
Fault Tolerance Middleware for a Multi-Core System
DspaceOgreTerrain 3D Terrain Visualization Tool
Trick Simulation Environment 07
Water Detection Based on Color Variation
Geometric Reasoning for Automated Planning

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Single-Layer, All-Metal Patch Antenna Element With Wide Bandwidth
Scanning Laser Infrared Molecular Spectrometer (SLIMS)
Next-Generation Microshutter Arrays for Large-Format Imaging and Spectroscopy

Physical Sciences

Broad-Bandwidth FPGA-Based Digital Polyphase Spectrometer
Integrated Laser Characterization, Data Acquisition, and Command and Control Test System
Dual Double-Wedge Pseudo-Depolarizer With Anamorphic PSF
Sample-Clock Phase-Control Feedback
A Compact, High-Flux Cold Atom Beam Source
Microgravity Passive Phase Separator
Cavitating Jet Method and System for Oxygenation of Liquids
360° Camera Head for Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicles
In Situ Potassium-Argon Geochronology Using Fluxed Fusion and a Double Spike
Fiber-Optic Micrometeoroid/Orbital Debris Impact Detector System
Nanostructure Secondary- Mirror Apodizing Mask for Transmitter Signal Suppression in a Duplex Telescope
Advanced Fire Detector for Space Applications


Hardy Bacterium Isolated From Two Geographically Distinct Spacecraft Assembly Cleanroom Facilities
Loading, Release, Biodegradation, and Biocompatibility of a Nanovector Delivery System
Bioabsorbable Material Textile for Improving In Vivo Device Design
Rotary Sensing Technologies for Medical and Robotic Shaft Angle Sensing Applications
Functional Electrical Stimulation Technique May Improve Neural Implants

Electronics & Computers

High-Voltage, Low-Power BNC Feedthrough Terminator
Dichroic Filter for Separating W-Band and Ka-Band
Hardware Implementation of Lossless Adaptive Compression of Data From a Hyperspectral Imager
SpaceCube Mini
Radiation-Hard SpaceWire/Gigabit Ethernet-Compatible Transponder
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Oxygen Barrier Materials for Improving Food/Beverage Shelf Life
New Shipping Alternatives for Liquid and Granular Materials

Tech for License

Commercial-Scale, High-Conductivity Graphene Inks for Printed Electronics
MothEye Non-Reflective Display Coating Kills Glare and Improves Contrast