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Industry Update: Analysis & Simulation Software
Create the Future Design Contest 2012
Grand Prize Winner
Consumer Products Category Winner (Winner of an HP Workstation)
Electronics Category Winner (Winner of an HP Workstation)
Machinery & Equipment Category Winner (Winner of an HP Workstation)
Medical Category Winner (Winner of an HP Workstation)
Safety & Security Category Winner (Winner of an HP Workstation)
Sustainable Technologies Category Winner (Winner of an HP Workstation)
Transportation Category Winner (Winner of an HP Workstation)
Top Ten Most Popular Entries
Lightening the Load of Recovery
Determining Key Isotopic Ratios In The Field

Who's Who

Dr. Greg Chavers, Test Lead, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: 33500B Series Waveform Generators
Photovoltaic Simulators
Multispectral Optical Filter Assembly
LED Light Engines
Solar Connectors
Board-Level Industrial Camera
Yellow HeNe Lasers
Gray-Grade Diffuse Reflection Material
Spectral Flux Analysis
Near-Infrared Spectrometer
Optical Sensors
Super Polished Mirror Substrates
Integrated Lasers
Optics iPhone App
Entry-Level Oscilloscope
Miniature Triaxial Accelerometers

Application Briefs

Relays Enable Curiosity Rover’s Chemistry Instrument
Motion Control Components Keep Curiosity on the Go
Designing Rugged In-Vehicle Displays
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Concept for Hydrogen-Impregnated Nanofiber/Photovoltaic Cargo Stowage System
DROP: Durable Reconnaissance and Observation Platform
Gravity-Assist Mechanical Simulator for Outreach

Information Sciences

Modular, Autonomous Command and Data Handling Software With Built-In Simulation and Test
Estimating Sea Surface Salinity and Wind Using Combined Passive and Active L-Band Microwave Observations
A Posteriori Study of a DNS Database Describing Super - critical Binary-Species Mixing
Scalable SCPPM Decoder


Adjusting Permittivity by Blending Varying Ratios of SWNTs
Polyolefin-Based Aerogels
An Integrated, Layered-Spinel Composite Cathode for Energy Storage Applications
Engineered Multifunctional Surfaces for Fluid Handling


Visual System for Browsing, Analysis, and Retrieval of Data (ViSBARD)
Surface Temperature Data Analysis
QuakeSim 2.0
HURON (HUman and Robotic Optimization Network) Multi-Agent Temporal Activity Planner/ Scheduler
MPST Software: MoonKommand

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Buckyball Nucleation of HiPco Tubes

Physical Sciences

Time-Domain Terahertz Computed Axial Tomography NDE System
Adaptive Sampling of Time Series During Remote Exploration
A Tracking Sun Photometer Without Moving Parts
In-Situ Wire Damage Detection System
Spectroscopic Chemical Analysis Methods and Apparatus
Motion-Corrected 3D Sonic Anemometer for Tethersondes and Other Moving Platforms
Water Treatment Systems for Long Spaceflights
Seismic Imager Space Telescope
Low-Cost Phased Array Antenna for Sounding Rockets, Missiles, and Expendable Launch Vehicles
Microchip Non-Aqueous Capillary Electrophoresis (μNACE) Method to Analyze Long-Chain Primary Amines
Low Average Sidelobe Slot Array Antennas for Radiometer Applications
Mars Science Laboratory Engineering Cameras


Developing Physiologic Models for Emergency Medical Procedures Under Microgravity
Lithium Batteries for Medical Applications
‘Soft X-Ray’ Detector Could Improve Breast Cancer Imaging
VA Developing New Heat- Enhanced Pulse Ox Device

Electronics & Computers

Wideband Agile Digital Microwave Radiometer
Amplifier Module for 260-GHz Band Using Quartz Waveguide Transitions
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Controlled Delivery of Liquid
Spray Coating Systems
Improved Recycling Processes
Microencapsulation of Probiotic Bacteria

Tech for License

Lightweight Building System Eases Construction
Plastic Production System Controls Directional Forces and Tearing
Small-Droplet, Emissions-Control Nozzle Ensures Consistency
Steel Alternative Features Higher Usability Strength