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Using Source Measure Units to Characterize High Power Semiconductors
Real-Time Software Enables Multi-Core PCs for Industrial Automation
Using Source Measure Units to Characterize High-Power Semiconductors (Part 1)
Water Treatment Technologies Inspire Healthy Beverages

Who's Who

Chuck Taylor, Principal Investigator, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: the PicoScope 5000 Series
Instrumentation Valves
Linear Actuators
Motor Controller
DC Brushed Motor
Drive Module
Axis Calibrator
Motor Cables
Linear Guide Rails
Integrated Motors and Drives
Piston Pump
Integrated Drives and Motors
Gear Drives and Motors
Linear Position Sensors
Spring-Engaged Brakes
Servo Drives
Electronic Valves
Dispensing Pump

Application Briefs

Couplings Synchronize Motion in Pipe Bending System
NASA’s Next Rover Features 3D-Printed Parts
Motors Power NASA’s Interactive Humanoid Tour Guide
Data Management to Support Assembly and Integration of Orion
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Radial Internal Material Handling System (RIMS) for Circular Habitat Volumes
Impact-Actuated Digging Tool for Lunar Excavation
Conical Seat Shut- Off Valve
Flexible Mechanical Conveyors for Regolith Extraction and Transport

Information Sciences

Sample Analysis at Mars Instrument Simulator
Access Control of Web- and Java-Based Applications
Tool for Automated Retrieval of Generic Event Tracks (TARGET)
Bilayer Protograph Codes for Half-Duplex Relay Channels
Influence of Computational Drop Representation in LES of a Droplet-Laden Mixing Layer


Microgravity Storage Vessels and Conveying- Line Feeders for Cohesive Regolith
High-Strength, Superelastic Compounds
Cu-Cr-Nb-Zr Alloy for Rocket Engines and Other High-Heat- Flux Applications

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Additive Manufactured Propulsion System (AMPS) for Small to Micro Cubical Satellites
Bismuth Passivation Technique for High-Resolution X-Ray Detectors

Physical Sciences

Atomic Force Microscope Mediated Chromatography
Spectroscopic Determination of Trace Contaminants in High-Purity Oxygen
CRUQS: A Miniature Fine Sun Sensor for Nanosatellites
On-Chip Microfluidic Components for In Situ Analysis, Separation, and Detection of Amino Acids
Method of Separating Oxygen From Spacecraft Cabin Air to Enable Extravehicular Activities


Wireless Body Area Networks for Health Monitoring
Visual Image Sensor Organ Replacement
Humanlike Articulated Robotic Headform for Respirator Fit Testing
100 Percent Solids: Superior Adhesive Technology for the Medical Industry
Integrating Force Sensors into Robotic Surgery

Electronics & Computers

Remote Memory Access Protocol Target Node Intellectual Property
Minimal Power Latch for Single-Slope ADCs
Soft Decision Analyzer
Distributed Prognostics and Health Management With a Wireless Network Architecture
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Bacteria Elimination from Hard Surfaces
Insulating Coating for a Ceramic Substrate

Tech for License

Hydrogen Degassing System Features Ceramic Rotor
CV Number Enables Tunable Ball Valves