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Collaborative Platforms Aid Emergency Decision-Making
System-on-Module for Pre-Packaged Convenience
LED Illumination in Simulation and Training
Measuring Motion with Imaging Software
Demystifying Spectroscopy

Who's Who

Dr. Vadim Smelyanskiy, Principal Scientist, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: The APN Series Power Monitoring Sensor
White Light Measurement Solution
Optical Coatings
Spectral Test Station
CCD Cameras
Photoelectric Laser Distance Sensors

Application Briefs

Video Routing System Upgrades Mission Control Center
Water Impact Simulation Ensures Safer Landing for NASA Astronauts
Frame Grabber Deployed in Robomotive Humanoid Robot
Hyperspectral Imaging What is it? How does it work?
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Re-entry Vehicle Shape for Enhanced Performance
CubeSat Deployable Log Periodic Dipole Array
Protective Sleeve for a Pyrotechnic Reefing Line
Metabolic Heat Regenerated Temperature Swing Adsorption

Information Sciences

Debris & Ice Mapping Analysis Tool — Database
Data Fusion for Global Estimation of Forest Characteristics From Sparse Lidar Data
Virtual Testing of High Lift Systems
Examination and A Priori Analysis of a Direct Numerical Simulation Database for High-Pressure Turbulent Flows
Propellant Loading Physics Model for Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery
Probabilistic Guidance for Swarms of Autonomous Agents
Future Air-Traffic Management Concepts Evaluation Tool


Improving Material Property Measurement Using Multi- Camera Digital Image Correlation
Mechanistic-Based Multiaxial- Stochastic-Strength Model for Transversely- Isotropic Brittle Materials


Data Acquisition and Processing Software — DAPS
360° Visual Detection and Object Tracking on an Autonomous Surface Vehicle
Simulation of Charge Carrier Mobility in Conducting Polymers
Observational Data Formatter Using CMOR for CMIP5

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Integrated PEMFC Flow Field Design for Gravity-Independent Passive Water Removal
Metal-Assisted Fabrication of Biodegradable Porous Silicon Nanostructures
Post-Growth, In Situ Adhesion of Carbon Nanotubes to a Substrate for Robust CNT Cathodes
Thermal Mechanical Preparation of Glass Spheres

Physical Sciences

Spacecraft Line-of- Sight Stabilization Using LWIR Earth Signature
Transportable Instrumentation Package for In-Vehicle On-Road Data Acquisition
Variable Camber Aerodynamic Control Surfaces and Active Wing Shaping Control
NanoRacks-Scale MEMS Gas Chromatograph System
Technique for Finding Retro-Reflectors in Flash LIDAR Imagery
Novel Hemispherical Dynamic Camera for EVAs


Million Funding Awarded for Additive Manufacturing Projects
Making Injection Molding More Energy Efficient

Electronics & Computers

Dual-Leadframe Transient Liquid Phase Bonded Power Semiconductor Module Assembly and Bonding Process
Methods for Mitigating Space Radiation Effects, Fault Detection and Correction, and Processing Sensor Data
Quad First Stage Processor: A Four-Channel Digitizer and Digital Beam-Forming Processor
Compact Ka-Band Antenna Feed with Double Circularly Polarized Capability


Reducing Drift in Stereo Visual Odometry
Resource-Constrained Application of Support Vector Machines to Imagery
Reducing Drift in Stereo Visual Odometry
Tech Exchange