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Products of Tomorrow: September 2015
Collaborative Robots Transform Traditional Assembly
Flight Controller Software Protects Lightweight, Flexible Aircraft
Using a Wide-Band Tunable Laser for Optical Filter Measurements
Analyst Roundtable: Machine Vision Moves Beyond Manufacturing
‘Ralph’ Camera Shows Pluto in Color

Who's Who

Kenneth O’Connor, Coatings Engineer, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

Wireless Occupancy Sensors
Networked Lighting Controls
LED Driver
Intelligent Lighting System
Product of the Month: September 2015
Product of the Month: Combiner Block™
Quantum Cascade Laser Driver
Silicon Avalanche Photodiode Module
Universal Fluorescence Illumination System
Machine Vision Software
High-Speed Streaming Camera
Digital Binoculars
UV Laser
Area-Scan Camera
Area-Scan Camera
CMOS Camera
High-Speed Camera
Infrared Camera
Thermal Imaging Cameras
High-Speed Camera
USB 3.0 Camera
USB 3.0 Camera
CMOS Camera

Application Briefs

Computer and Displays Help Control and Maneuver Crew Transportation System
CubeSat Launches With 3D-Printed Components
Implementing Color Machine Vision Inspection Systems
Tech Briefs

Information Sciences

Fast Block Transforms on Large Binary Datasets in the Cloud Using Hadoop Streaming
Mars Science Laboratory Frame Manager
SIVO-PyD: A Python Distribution for Scientific Computing Visualization
Formal Validation of Model-Based Fault Management Design Solutions
Development of Free Molecule Flow Equations from a Transient, Asymmetric Source
iPhone App to Facilitate Airborne Radar Operations
Spherical Empirical Mode Decomposition
Database Design for Storing Software Entity Metadata, User Identification, and License Terms
Geometry Manipulation Protocol for CFD Applications, V1.0


Mechanical Carbon Materials for Aircraft Seal Applications
Strong and Flexible Carbon Fiber Reinforced Phenolic Composites
Hybrid Laminate Composite for Harsh Environments and High-Performance Applications
Surface-Modified Nanoparticles Made From High-Molecular-Weight Carboxylic Acids
NASA PS400 High-Temperature Solid Lubricant Coating
Triple Orthogonal Disk Polymer Discrete Space for Cryogenic Feedline Insulation
Compliant Electrode and Composite Materials for Piezoelectric Wind and Mechanical Energy Conversion
Development of a Novel, Regenerable Microlith Catalytic Reactor for CO2 Reduction via Bosch Process

Machinery & Automation

3D Motor for Multi-Axis Attitude Control on SmallSats
Nanosatellite Launch Adapter System
James Webb Space Telescope Microshutters Subsystem Project Thermal Chamber Ground Support Equipment Automated Control
Visual Environment for Remote Virtual Exploration (VERVE) v2
Optimal Alarm System Design and Implementation
Mars Science Laboratory Flight Software for Autonomous Drilling
Morpheus Lander Vehicle Simulation/Vehicle Flight Software
Risk-Aware Mars Rover Operation Tool with Autonomous Terrain Classifier and Path Planner

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Position Sensor Technology for Hydraulic Cylinder Feedback
Detection of Gases and Vapors Present at Low Concentrations
Broadband Photon-Counting Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector
Micro-LIDAR for Flow Velocimetry
Sensitive, Specific Molecular Detection of Single Bacteria Cells
Optical Hotspot Conductive Fluid Flow Sensor
Low-Cost Backup RPOD System
Free-Space, Coupled, Multi- Element Detector for Deep Space Optical Communication


Robust, Optimal Subsonic Airfoil Shapes
Merging and Spacing Software in the ACES Simulation
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Integration into the National Airspace System
Data Server for Real-Time Display Interface
Aircraft Wing Flap Noise-Reducing Fins
Direct Multiple Shooting Optimization with Variable Problem Parameters
Constructing Composite Response Surfaces for Aircraft


Mars Relay CubeSat
Digitally Steered Phased Antenna Array for GPS Applications
Broadband Circularly Polarized Antenna Array for Mars Rover Direct-to-Earth Communications
Robust, Low-Density Parity- Check Decoder Design to Mitigate Pulsed Radio Frequency Interference
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