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Products of Tomorrow: December 2015
Multiphysics Software Models Mean Flow Augmented Acoustics in Rocket Systems
Top Prizes Awarded in the Create the Future Design Contest
Supercritical Wing Design Cuts Billions in Fuel Costs
Vote for Tech Briefs' 21st Annual Readers' Choice Awards
High-Speed ‘Electron Camera’ Captures Motion — One Quadrillionth of a Second at a Time
Finding the Right Lens: The Factors to Focus On
Thermal Imaging Cameras See Through the Smoke

Who's Who

Dr. Santo A. Padula, Materials Research Engineer, Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: December 2015
TVS Diode Arrays
Imaging Software
CMOS Cameras
Multi-Screen Imaging
USB3 Cameras
Imaging Filters
High-Speed Cameras
Radiation-Hard Lenses
Line-Scan Cameras
Smart Cameras
High-Speed Cameras
Frame Grabbers
CMOS Cameras
CMOS Cameras

Application Briefs

NASA Turns to 3D Metal Printing for SLS Propulsion Program
NASA Leverages Analytical Modeling to Improve Astronaut Mission Readiness
From 2D to 3D: MARVEL Tool Offers Immersive View Inside the Brain
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Use of Eccentric Bushings to Precision-Locate Multiple Parts on a Large Mating Structure
Effective Packing of Large Panels via Scrolling and Origami Folding
Six-Degree-of-Freedom Control With Only Eight Thrusters
Precise Direct Control of Pressure or Vacuum Using a Digitally Controlled Actuator
Irreversible Entropy Production Rate in High-Pressure Turbulent Reactive Flows
Piezoelectric Actuator for a 2-inch Isolation Cryogenic Valve
Torque Plug Actuator Design for Sample Return Sample Tubes

Information Sciences

Automated Generation of Failure Modes and Effects Document from a Simple SysML Model
Space Network Access System (SNAS)
Educational Software for OctaSat Nanosatellite Training Kit
Program to Categorize and Count Observations Performed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Anomaly Detection in Large Sets of High-Dimensional Symbol Sequences (sequenceMiner)
Time-Scaled Activity Diagram Simulator
General-Use Nodal Network Solver (GUNNS)
Modularized SIR-to-NetCDF Conversion Command-Line Tool

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Stable, Flat Packaging Concepts for Large Detector Arrays
Dual-Polarized W-Band Metal Patch Antenna Element for Phased Array Applications
High-Temperature Superconducting Bolometric Devices on Amorphous Silicon Nitride Membranes
Uniformly Etched Lateral Gratings Applied to Pre-existing Ridge Waveguides
High-Precision Thin Film Metal Liftoff Technique
Process for 3D Printer Filament Fabrication


Universal Cell-Directed Nanotheranostics
Fluid Preservation System (FPS)
Using Electromagnetic Time-Variance Magnetic Fields to Generate and Re-Grow Cartilage
Computer-Aided Design Tools to Support Human Factors Design Teams
Advanced-Capabilities Medical Suction Device
Use of Osteoclast-Inhibiting Compounds to Prevent Radiation-Induced Bone Loss

Electronics & Computers

EADIN Lite Communication Network
Iris DSN-Compatible, CubeSat-Compatible Transponder
Cockpit Avionics Upgrade Display Atlas, Generic Display Software, and Electronic Procedure System
Multi-Frequency, THz Quantum Cascade Laser Source
Avionics/Electronics Box Rail Mount System
Semiconductor Nanomembrane-Based Flight Sensors and Arrays
Dual I²C and SPI Slave Core for FPGA and ASIC Implementations
Automated Break-Out Box for Use with Low-Cost Spacecraft Integration and Test
Radiation-Hardened 10BASE-T Ethernet Physical Interface (PHY)
Radiation-Hardened, Quad 12-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter ASIC


Stereoscopic Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging for Time-Resolved 3D Movies in Hypersonic Flow
Modified-Wolter-Schwarzschild X-ray Telescope
Machine Vision-Based Pose Estimation System
Solar Doppler Shift-Based Solar Tracker
Beam Shaping for CARS Measurements in Turbulent Environments


Confidence Intervals for the Bit Error Rate of Coded Communications Systems
Final High-Fidelity Down-Conversion Source for Secure Communications Using On-Demand Single Photons
Space Telecommunications Radio System Memory Test Application
Functional Enhancements to the FPGA Implementation of the Advanced Orbiting System Data Link Protocol
Communication System and Method Over High-Latency, Low-Bandwidth Networks
CASH: Framework for Streamlined, Daily Updates
SCaN Optical Link Budget Tool
Tech Exchange