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Making Sense from Sensors: How to Build a Sensor Fusion Engine
Products of Tomorrow: July 2016
NASA's Game-Changing Robotics
Primer Stops Corrosion Without Requiring Rust Removal
NASA’s Infrared Sensor Spots Near-Earth Asteroids
Using Optical Simulation Tools to Design 3D Printers
Advanced Digital Microscopes Providing Simple Solutions to Common Microscopy Issues

Who's Who

Dr. Patrick Fink, Chief Technologist, Wireless Communication Systems Branch, Johnson Space Center, Houston TX

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: July 2016
Product of the Month
Transmission Electron Microscope
High-Speed Cameras
Laser-Based Light Engines
Hyperspectral Camera
45 W LED Power Supplies
Inspection System
Industrial Camera
Laser Modules for Harsh Environments
CMOS Camera
2D Optical Measuring Device
Rapid Alignment Mirror Mounts
Laser Polishing

Application Briefs

Machined Parts Accelerate Design Tests for NASA
Algorithm Helps Lunar Rover Move Through Clutter
Ground Tactical Vision Comes Full-Circle
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Dust Tolerant Connectors
Systems, Methods, and Apparatus of a Low-Conductance Silicon Micro-Leak for Mass Spectrometer Inlet
In-Situ Load System for Calibrating and Validating Aerodynamic Properties of Scaled Aircraft in Ground-Based Aerospace Testing Applications
High-Heat-Flux-Capable Boundary Layer Vortex Generator and Boundary Layer Transition Device
GEMINI Stability Control for Reducing Pointing Jitter in CubeSats and Smallsats
Piezoelectric-Actuated Rotary Ultrasonic Motor


Method for Exfoliation of Hexagonal Boron Nitride
Sucrose-Treated Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Yarns and Sheets
Method for Manufacturing a Thin Film Structural System
Integrated Ceramic Matrix Composite-Carbon/Carbon Structures for Large Rocket Engine Nozzles and Nozzle Extensions
Aromatic Thermosetting coPolyester (ATSP) Composites for High-Temperature and Cryogenic Applications
Ultralow-Temperature-Operable Solid Propellant Binder
Carbon Nanotube-Assisted Microwave Healing of Thermally Re-Mendable Composites
Aluminoborosilicate Supplement for Thermal Protection of a Re-entrant Vehicle
Processing and Manufacture of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Syntactic Structural Cryogenic Insulator


Method and Apparatus for Generating Flight-Optimizing Trajectories
Systems, Methods, and Apparatus for Developing and Maintaining Evolving Systems with Software Product Lines
Team Electronic Gameplay Combining Different Means of Control
The K Development Language
Mission Assurance Systems (MAS) Software Used for Engineering Data Sets Across NASA
MATTC Method for Efficient Prediction of Boundary Layer Transition
Google Earth Offline Cache Pre-loader v1 (GEOCP)
Robustness Analysis and Robust Design of Uncertain Systems
XDB3 Extension for Equality and Relational Operators
Simulator for a Self-Stabilizing Synchronization Protocol for Arbitrary Digraphs
Testing Encapsulation of Internet, DTN, and LTP Traffic over AOS Space Data Link Protocol

Machinery & Automation

Release of a Stuck Solar Array or Antenna

Physical Sciences

Foldable and Deployable Power Collection System
Solid-State Ultracapacitor


Computer-Controlled Solid-State Lighting Assembly to Emulate Diurnal Cycle and Improve Circadian Rhythm Control
Capillary Driven Microorganism Cultivation Platform for Human Life Support
Device and Method for Healing Wounds
Portable Acoustic Holography Systems for Therapeutic Ultrasound Sources
Probiotic Therapy for Astronauts, and During Radiation Therapy
Methods of Manufacturing Bioactive Gels from Extracellular Matrix Material
Multi-Parameter Biodosimetric HemoDose Tools
Soft-Tissue Emulsification Using a Mechanism of Ultrasonic Atomization Inside Gas or Vapor Cavities

Test & Measurement

Hermetic Seal Leak Detection Apparatus with Variable Size Test Chamber
Extreme Low Frequency Acoustic Measurement System
Low-Temperature Radiometer
Lightweight Internal Device to Measure Tension in Hollow-Braided Cordage
Improved Method to Quantify Leak Rates
Flight Test System for Accurately Predicting Flutter
TestEVAL Software to Assist in Mechanical Testing
Technique to Measure Degradation of Submillimeter-Wave Spectrometer Response to Local Oscillator Phase Noise

Electronics & Computers

Polymer Nanofiber-Based Reversible Nano-Switch/Sensor Schottky Diode (nanoSSSD) Device
Method of Fault Detection and Rerouting
Metal Oxide Vertical Graphene Hybrid Supercapacitors
Reconfigurable Drive Current System
System and Method for Transferring Telemetry Data Between a Ground Station and a Control Center


Smartphone Video Guidance Sensor
A Novel Orbiting Cloud Imager System for IR/UV/X-Ray Bands


System and Method for Aiding Pilot Preview, Rehearsal, Review, and Real-Time Visual Acquisition of Flight Mission Progress
System, Apparatus, and Method for Pedal Control
RapidScat Flight Software
Achieving a Realistic Model of Flight Dynamics and Aeroelasticity of Flexible Aircraft
AutoNav: Navigation Flight Software on a Smartphone


Method and Circuit for In-Situ Health Monitoring of Solar Cells in Space
Double-acting Extremely Light Thermo-Acoustic (DELTA) Converter
Chassis Short Mitigation and Characterization Technique for the Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
Photonics & Imaging Technology


A Smooth-Walled Feedhorn with Sub-30-dB Cross-Polarization Over a 30-Percent Bandwidth
Partially Transparent Circular Mask to Suppress Narrowband Laser Light
Large-Area, Polarization-Sensitive Bolometer for Multi-Mode Optics