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Seeing Closer and Clearer with NASA Imaging Technology
Products of Tomorrow: October 2016
Precision Robotics and Automation: Hexapods Advance Production Processes
Learning the "Keys" of IoT Security
CryoFOSS Optical Sensor Offers Next-Level Liquid Measurement

Who's Who

Edward Chow, AUDREY Program Manager, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: October 2016
Machining Software
Power Converters
Power System
Power Supplies
Energy Device
Power Distribution Boxes
Power Modules
Electronics Enclosures
Smart Graphics Displays
Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Coin Cell Batteries
3D Printer
Electro-Hydraulic Motion Controller
Servo Drives
Hollow Shaft Encoder
AC Drive
Brush DC Mini Motors
Positioning Controllers
Fan Controller
Position Sensors
Feedback Cylinder
Variable-Speed Systems
Modular Drives
Motion Controller
Permanent Magnet Motors
Pneumatic Grippers
Positioning Tables and Stages
Variable Frequency Drive
Linear Actuator
Press Brake
Encoder Modules
Block Spindle
Automated Measurement Cell
Weldable Couplings and Collars
Linear Guide Kit
Automation Cables
Precision Ball Screws
Servo Drives
Translation Stages
Solid State Relays
Pressure Gauge
Position Sensors
Wireless Temperature Sensing System
Sensor Diagnostics
Lidar Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Magnetic Sensors
Pressure Sensors
Humidity Sensor

Application Briefs

Motor Controller Provides Custom Electronic Control Solution
NASA Sensor Supports Flexible Aircraft Design
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Jet Engine Exhaust Nozzle Flow Effector
A Structural Joint with Multi-Axis Load Carrying Capacity
Eddy-Current-Minimizing Flow Plug for Use in Flow Conditioning and Flow Metering
Process for Forming a High-Temperature Single Crystal Preloader
Compact Vibration Damper
Fluidic Oscillator Array for Synchronized Oscillating Jet Generation

Information Sciences

Python Interface to T-Matrix Scattering Computations (PyTMatrix)


In-Situ Formation of Reinforcement Phases in Ultra-High- Temperature Ceramic Composites
Multi-Phase Ceramic System
Minimally Machined HoneySiC Panels and T300 HoneySiC
Flexible Volumetric Structure
Aeroplastic Composites


System and Method for Space Utilization Optimization and Visualization
Reducing Sensor and Readout Circuitry Noise in Digital Domain Using Reference Pixels
Method and Software Tool for Evaluation and Automated Generation of Space Habitat Interior Layouts
Airborne Wind Profiling Algorithm for Doppler Wind Lidar
NETMARK Fast Search

Test & Measurement

Small-Body Testbed
Photogrammetry System and Method for Determining Relative Motion Between Two Bodies
Directed Design of Experiments for Validating Probability of Detection Capability of a Testing System
Method and Apparatus for Measuring Surface Air Pressure
HEIST Ironbird to Test Cutting-Edge Hybrid Electric Propulsion Technologies
Saturn Net Flux Radiometer (SNFR)
Applying the Dynamic Inertia Measurement Method to Full-Scale Aerospace Vehicles
Modules for Inspection, Qualification, and Verification of Pressure Vessels

Electronics & Computers

An Apparatus and Method for Communication Over Power Lines
A High-Efficiency Power Module
Addendum of Self-Aligned Ion Implant to Design and Processing of SiC High-Temperature Transistors for Durable Operation Above 400 °C
Method and Apparatus to Detect Wire Pathologies Near Crimped Connector


Neutral Mounting of Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators for Suppression of Mechanical Frequency Fluctuations
Magnetostrictive Pressure Regulating System
Shape Sensing Using a Multi-Core Optical Fiber Having an Arbitrary Initial Shape in the Presence of Extrinsic Forces
Magnetic and Raman-Based Method for Process Control During Fabrication of Carbon-Nanotube-Based Structures


Method of Forming Textured Silicon Substrate by Maskless Cryogenic Etching
Fully Premixed, Low-Emission, High-Pressure, Multi-Fuel Burner
Selenium Interlayer for High-Efficiency Multi-Junction Solar Cell
Tethered Vehicle Control and Tracking System
Preventing Cell-to-Cell Thermal Runaway in Lithium-Ion Battery Modules
Embedded Technology

Product Briefs

Entry-Level PXI/PXIe Platforms
Solid State Tape Drive Replacement
Miniature HV SMT Gas Discharge Tube
Reader ICs