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Nasa Processing Technologies Enable Advanced Computing Applications
Precision Coffeemaker Adapts Brews to Beans and Taste
Diamond Meta-Surfaces Enable New Laser Applications
Inside NASA’s White Sands Test Facility: How High-Speed Cameras Support Hypervelocity Experiments
2016 Create the Future Design Contest
2016 Create the Future Design Contest: Grand Prize Winner
2016 Create the Future Contest: Automotive & Transportation Category Winner
2016 Create the Future Contest: Aerospace & Defense Category Winner
2016 Create the Future Design Contest: Electronics Category Winner
2016 Create the Future Design Contest: Machinery/Automation/Robotics Category Winner
2016 Create the Future Design Contest: Medical Category Winner
2016 Create the Future Design Contest: Consumer Products Category Winner
2016 Create the Future Design Contest: Sustainable Technologies Category Winner
Products of Tomorrow: November 2016

Who's Who

Jason Dworkin, Project Scientist, OSIRIS-REx, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

High-Speed Backplane Connector System
Rugged Train Control System
GigE Vision over NBASE-T Video Interface
BGA Socket
Product of the Month: November 2016
Temperature Monitors
Semiconductor Test System
Test Probes
Load Frame
Measurement System
Safety Interlock Switches
Signal Routing Software
Operator Interface
Overmolding Service
Power Supplies
Sponge Connectors
System Implementation Software
Keylock Switches
Frequency Synthesizer
Spectroscopy System
Collimated Diode Lasers
Infrared Cameras
New Microscopy Technique
Photon Camera
Vision Sensors
CMOS Scientific Camera
USB Cameras
High-Speed Cameras
Microscopy Camera
Multispectral Camera
Thermocouple Simulator
High-Speed Cameras
Non-Contact Vision Probe
Discrete Amplification Geiger Mode Arrays
Packaging Inspection Technology
Pulsed Laser Diode Driver

Application Briefs

Choosing the Right Adhesive for Display Bonding
Making Great Strides: Gaming Camera Improves MS Gait Assessment
Tech Briefs

Information Sciences

Common Workflow Service: A Standards-Based Process Management System
NEQAIR v14.x Non-Equilibrium Radiative Transport and Spectra Program
Systems Engineering Education and Development (SEED) Web Application
Hammer 1.0
Extended Testability Analysis (ETA) Tool V8.0


Adaptive Thermal Management System
Method of Bonding Dissimilar Materials
Nanoencapsulated Aerogels Produced by Monomer Vapor Deposition and Polymerization
Insulative Carbon Fiber Systems for Aerospace Applications

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Low-Power-Consumption, Single-Mode Quantum Cascade Lasers Fabricated Without Epitaxial Regrowth
A Versatile Three-Dimensional Printing Approach
Puncture-Healing Thermoplastic Resin Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Composites
Improved Impact Toughness and Heat Treatment for Cast Aluminum
Dynamically Variable Spot Size Laser System

Machinery & Automation

Lunar Regolith Simulant Sample Collection Mechanism for Remote Operation in a Thermal Vacuum Chamber
Sonar Inspection Robot System
Robonaut 2: Industrial Opportunities
Vessel Sealing Device for Robotic Devices


Method and Apparatus for Performance Optimization Through Physical Perturbation of Task Elements
Portable Medical Diagnosis Instrument
Methods and Systems for Non-Invasive Treatment of Tissue Using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy


Improved Two-Step Replication Process for Producing Precision Optical Mirrors
System and Method for Generating a Frequency-Modulated Linear Laser Waveform


Optimum Strategies for Selecting Descent Flight-Path Angles
Unmanned Aerial Systems Traffic Management
System and Method for Dynamic Aeroelastic Control
Active Aircraft Pylon Noise Control System
Supporting Test Aircraft with Lift Airbags
Enhanced Aircraft State Display for Improved Situation Awareness of Flight Envelope Limitations
Film Cooled Surface
Aeronautical Data Link and Radar Simulator (ADRS)