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Products of Tomorrow: December 2016
NASA's Software Answers Big Questions About Space and Earth
Top Prizes Awarded in the Create the Future Design Contest
Temperature Sensors Cement the Integrity of Bridges
Choosing Stepper- or Servo-Driven Actuators to Replace Air Cylinders
Vote for Tech Briefs 22nd Annual Readers' Choice Awards
High-Resolution Surface Measurement
Optical Fiber Sensors for Infrastructure Monitoring
ECG Small Signal General and Analysis
A 40-Year Legacy and Excitement for the Future

Products of the Month

32-Bit MCUs
MP3 Audio DSP Microcontroller
Edge-Connect SBC
IoT Security Toolkit
Ferrule Cleaner
CoaXPress Frame Grabber
Diffuse Reflectance Probe
Laser-Driven Light Source
Modeling and Analysis Software
Foundry Robot
Robot Programming Software
Digital Piezo Controller
Linear Motor
Automatic Multi-Pallet Changer
Vertical Lift Module
Automation System
Reversible Hard Jaws
Cable Retraction System
Collaborative Robot
Auto Crash Sensor
Air Compressor
Rotational Speed Sensors
Collaborative Robot
Manufacturing Connectivity
Part Positioners
Optical Encoders
Product of the Month: December 2016
Pressure Transducers

Application Briefs

System Recycles and Purifies Large Volumes of Helium for SLS
Custom Machines Create Engine Lip Skins on Boeing Aircraft
Automating Roadbed Testing Before Paving
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Magnetic Relief Valve
Work Piece Cleaning Apparatus and Method with Pulsating Mixture of Liquid and Gas
Safety Drain System for Fluid Reservoir
Locking Mechanism for a Flexible Composite Hinge
Temperature-Compensating PMT Housing

Information Sciences

Lunar Thin Section Particle Identification and Analysis Algorithm
Analytical Methodology to Predict the Radiometric Emissivity of a Parabolic Mesh Reflector
Detection and Characterization of Recurring Slope Lineae
Streams: A Hyper-Responsive Telemetry Interaction Tool on the Web
Auto-Coding Flight Software Hybrid Controllers Synthesized from Formal Specifications
Active Learning System for iPTF Candidate Classification
Cobra: an Extendable Tool for Interactive Code Analysis


Composite Pressure Vessel Including Crack Arresting Barrier
Process for Preparing Aerogels from Polyamides
Advanced Multilayer Environmental Barrier Coatings

Electronics & Computers

Carbon Nanofibers Synthesized on Selective Substrates for Nonvolatile Memory and 3D Electronics Applications
A Nanotube Film Electrode and Electroactive Device Fabricated with the Nanotube Film Electrode and Methods for Making the Same
Superconducting Transition Edge Sensors and Methods for Design and Manufacture Thereof
Chalcogenide Nanoionic-Based Radio Frequency Switch
X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Characterization Methods for Sigma=3 Twin Defects in Cubic Semiconductor (100) Wafers
System for Configuring Modular Telemetry Transponders


Miles-In-Trail with Passback Restrictions for Use in Air Traffic Management
Distributed Propulsion Concepts and Superparamagnetic Energy Harvesting Hummingbird Engine
Improved Ground Collision Avoidance System (iGCAS)
Aerodynamically Stabilized Instrument Platform
Energy-Absorbing Beam Member
Wet Active Chevron Nozzle for Controllable Jet Noise Reduction
Improvements to the Functional Beamforming Formula