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Intelligent Robotics Safeguarding
Products of Tomorrow: May 2017
Novel Threading Enables New Approach to Golf Clubs
Using Sensor Fusion to Analyze Laser Processing in Additive Manufacturing
Bringing New Vision to Laser Material Processing Systems
3D Imaging Reveals Sub-surface Battery Flaws
Autonomous Vehicles Open Up New Roads for LIDAR Growth
NASA Tests Lasers’ Ability to Transmit Data from Space

Who's Who

Nick Krotkov, Atmospheric Scientist, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: May 2017
New Products: May 2017 Photonics & Imaging Technology

Application Briefs

Choosing a Light and Color Measurement System for LEDs
Miniature Camera Mimics Eagle's Eye
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Robust, Highly Efficient Oxygen-Carbon Monoxide Cogeneration System
Low Solidity Vaned Diffuser (LSVD) Design for Improvement of Pressure Recovery
Tangential Wrap Rib Deployable Reflector


Highly Porous and Mechanically Strong Ceramic Oxide Aerogels
Asymmetric Dielectric Elastomer Composite Material
Method of Creating Micro-Scale Silver Telluride Grains Covered with Bismuth Nanoparticles
Polyimides Derived from Novel Asymmetric Benzophenone Dianhydrides
Nanotubular Toughening Inclusions


Open Mission Control Technologies (Open MCT) Web
Human Factors Analysis Support Tool (H-FAST) v 2.0
RAYGUN Fast Generic Geometry Raycasting Tool
iOrca Code Release
LTAS Source Slaving Selector (LS3) Analyzer
Representation and Analysis of System Behavior Using Monotonic Signals

Machinery & Automation

Exo-Brake Enables Safe Return for Small Spacecraft

Electronics & Computers

A Modular Apparatus and Method for Attaching Multiple Devices

Sensors/Data Acquisition

AutoSurvey™ Software System
Authenticated Sensor Interface Device
Photo-Acoustic Chemical Detector
Ultra-High-Speed Fiber Optic Sensor Detects Structural Damage in Real Time
Piezoelectric Field Disturbance Sensing System and Method
Low-Cost RFID Torque and Tension Sensing Tag System
SpinDx™ Lab on a Disk
Low-Power, Special-Purpose Chip for Speech Recognition in Electronics
Method Improves Accuracy of Imaging Data
Automation System Manages Critical Gas Distribution Process
Floating Ultrasonic Transducer Inspection System and Method for Nondestructive Evaluation


Development of Sodium Lidar for Spaceborne Missions
Additive-Manufactured, Very Lightweight, Diamond Turned Aspheric Mirror
Partially Transparent Circular Mask to Suppress Narrowband Laser Light
Characterizing Richness of Previously Unmapped Terrain and Estimating Its Impact on Navigation Performance Using 3D Range Sensors in Flight


Multi-Functional Annular Fairing for Coupling Launch Abort Motor to Space Vehicle
In-Situ Load System for Calibrating and Validating Aerodynamic Properties of Scaled Aircraft in Ground-Based Aerospace Testing Applications
Turbofan Engine Acoustic Liner Design and Analysis Tools


Polarization-Dependent Whispering Gallery Modes (WGMs) in Microspheres
Cellular Reflectarray Antenna and Method of Making Same
9-Meter Slaving System
Ad Hoc Selection of Voice Over Internet Streams
Deep-Space Positioning System
GPS Satellite Geometry Analysis Tool (GPSGEM)


Unleashing RAPID
Methods for Purifying Enzymes for Mycoremediation
Land Cover Viewer
System, Apparatus, and Method for Liquid Purification
WX Subsystem Weather Station


Green Monopropellant Secondary Payload Propulsion System
Flame Holder System
Magnetically Conformed, Variable-Area Discharge Chamber for Hall Thruster, and Method
Multi-Thruster Propulsion Apparatus
Propellant Distributor for a Thruster