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Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers Present Some Overlooked Circuit Protection Challenges
Facility Focus: Battelle Memorial Institute
Products of Tomorrow: April 2019
Organic Compound Turns Toxic Waste into Harmless Byproducts

Products of the Month

New on the Market: April 2019
Product of the Month: April 2019 Tech Briefs

Application Briefs

Laser Measurement Sensors Solve High-Speed Package Profiling
Metal 3D Printing for Complex Heat Exchangers
Lockheed Martin Explores a Different Kind of Space for NASA
Tech Briefs


Thin, Durable Heating Patches
Fabric Alternative to Batteries for Wearable Devices
Metallic Hollow Nanoparticle Fabrication
In-Situ Selective Reinforcement of Near-Net-Shape Formed Structures
See-Through Film Rejects 70 Percent of Incoming Solar Heat
Wear-Resistant Platinum Gold Alloy
Nickel with Nanoscale Pores Has the Strength of Titanium and Density of Water
Self-Healing, Fluid-Inspired Material

Test & Measurement

Technique Provides Rapid Assessment of Radiation Exposure
Extrans Permeation Measurement System
Transparent Test Patch Determines Food Contamination
Virtual Test Laboratory
Measurement Technique for Continuous-Wave, Modulated, and Pulsed Monochromatic Radiation
Laser Ranging Can See 3D Objects Melting in Fires
Chip Measures Quantities with Quantum Precision

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Skin-Like Sensor Maps Blood-Oxygen Levels
New Material Provides Enhanced Tactility for Soft Sensors
Multiplexing of Wireless Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors
Polarization Imaging Sensor for Enhanced Scene Analysis
Wake Vortex Avoidance System and Method


Using Common WiFi to Detect Weapons, Bombs, and Chemicals in Bags
Wearable Devices Allow Direct Communication by Touch
Quantum Radio Aids Communications and Mapping
System Enables Direct Data Transmission Between Underwater and Airborne Devices
Signal Combiner for Wideband Communication
Passive RFID Tag with Long Range and Wide Coverage Capabilities
The Teletenna — a Hybrid Telescope Antenna System


Synthesizing Renewable Oils for Use in Lubricants
Material Captures and Removes Toxic Atmospheric Gas
Regional Hydrologic Extremes Assessment System (RHEAS) Software
Plastic-Degrading Enzyme
Pre-Treatment Solution for Water Recovery


Novel Dielectric Ceramic by Spark Plasma Sintering
Achieving Carbon Footprint Reduction with Flywheel Technology
Rechargeable, High-Temperature, Molten Salt Battery
Motion Design


Selecting Electric Traction Solutions for AGVs and Mobile Robots
Failsafe Linear Magnetic Brakes
Understanding the Basics of Gas Spring Application


Keck Telescopes Get a Motion Control Upgrade


Transforming Flat Elastomers into 3D Shapes
Multimaterial 3D Printing Used to Develop Fast-Response, Stiffness-Tunable, Soft Actuator
Smart Microrobots Adapt to Surroundings
Self-Lubrication Improves Standard Braking Systems
Directly Cooled Electric Motor Made from Polymer Materials


New Products: April 2019 Motion Design