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A Guide to Collaborative Robot Safety
Facility Focus: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
LED Lighting Improves Efficiency and Imaging
Products of Tomorrow: May 2019
Changing the Automation Conversation
The Inside Story of Pico's 9400 SXRTO

Products of the Month

New on the Market: May 2019
Product of the Month: May 2019 Tech Briefs

Application Briefs

Additive Manufacturing Helps Soldiers Get Parts Faster
Miniature Bearings Play a Major Role in Mars 2020 Mission
Tech Briefs


Metamaterial Mirror Reflects Sound Waves in Any Direction
Material Could Make Plastic Manufacturing More Energy-Efficient
Coating Prevents Fogging on Transparent Surfaces
Transparent, Self-Healing Electronic Skin


Machine Learning Tool Computes Flow Around Interactively Designable 3D Objects
Fast and Accurate Simulation of Manufactured Parts with Defects
Software Could Help Prevent Arrhythmic Heart Disease
Technique Reverse-Engineers Complex 3D CAD Models

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Rhombohedron Epitaxial Growth with Molten Target Sputtering (MTS) at 500 °C Substrate Temperature
3D Printer Uses Rays of Light to Shape Objects
Electron Beam Heating and Atomic Restructuring of Sapphire Surfaces
Method Shrinks Objects to the Nanoscale

Test & Measurement

In-Situ Characterization and Inspection of Additive Manufacturing Deposits Using Transient Infrared Thermography
Measurement Method for Radioactive Methane
Radiometric Temperature Measurement Using a DLP-Based Pyrometer
S-Curve Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

Electronics & Computers

Bendable Electronic Paper Displays a Range of Colors
Waterproof Graphene Electronic Circuits
High-Performance, Current-Steering Digital-to-Analog Converter
Singlet-Based Magnet for Enhanced Data Storage
Medium-Frequency Transformer Transitions from AC to DC
Photonics & Imaging Technology


Improving Vehicle Fuel Economy with ADAS
Lighting the Gas Monkey Garage


Industrial Blue Lasers
An Introduction to Time of Flight Imaging
Advances in Laser Welding Technology
Live Cell Imaging Using Holotomography


Novel Techniques Trick Object Detection Systems
Pocket-Sized Imaging Device Improves Accuracy Of Epidural Placement
Detect Ultra Rare Proteins in Blood Using a Cellphone Camera
Tiny Optical Elements Could One Day Replace Traditional Refractive Lenses
Researchers Create Smartphone System to Test for Lead in Water