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Products of Tomorrow: June 2019
Facility Focus: U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory
Key Factors to Consider When Designing a Smart Factory

Products of the Month

New on the Market: June 2019
Product of the Month: June 2019 Tech Briefs

Application Briefs

Retinas to Roadways: The Evolution of Optical Coherence Technology
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Cryogenic Cam Butterfly Valve
Joining Gun Bonds Metal and Plastic in Seconds
Smart, Soft, Back Orthosis Uses Real-Time Motion Detection
Improved Directed Flux Motor
Rotary Electrical Contact
Self-Powered, Washable, Wearable Displays


Design Software Identifies a Product's Performance Tradeoffs
Algorithm Predicts How Electromagnetic Waves Interact with Materials at the Smallest Scales
Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Structures Using Transient and Lock-in Thermography
Safety Analysis: The Key to a Single-Pass ISO26262 Random Fault Workflow


Vascular Injury Shunt
Modular Blocks Enable Plug-and-Play Diagnostic Devices
Wearable Ultrasound Patch Monitors Blood Pressure
Full-Spectrum Infrasonic Stethoscope for Screening Heart, Carotid Artery, and Lung-Related Diseases
Ingestible, Expanding Pill Monitors the Stomach for Up to a Month
Electroceutical Bandages Destroy Bacteria
Flexible, Transparent, Wearable Bio-Patch

Electronics & Computers

Using Laser Metal Printing to Cool Computer Chips
Direct-Write Quantum Calligraphy in Monolayer Semiconductors
Graphene-Silicon Devices for Optoelectronics Applications
Stretchable, Rubbery Semiconductors
Running an LED in Reverse Could Cool Future Computers


Single-Photon Detector for Potential Encryption and Sensing
Programming Light on a Chip
All-Fiber, Optically Controlled Optical Switch
Systems and Methods for Correcting Optical Reflectance Measurements
Infrared Light-Focusing Platform
Micro UV Aerosol Detector


Graphene Coating Takes Oxygen Out of Lithium Battery Fires
Double-Fed Induction Linear Alternator
Wood-Based Technology Creates Electricity from Heat
Battery Electrolyte Doubles Driving Range for Electric Vehicles
Generating Electrical Power from Waste Heat
One-Pot Bioconversion of Distiller’s Grains to Advanced Biofuels
Eliminating Corrosion Extends Life of Lightweight Batteries
Impact-Resistant Battery Electrolyte Solidifies When Hit
Sensor Technology


Sensors Expo Preview 2019
A Sensor that Fits Like a Glove


High Tech Comes to Fitness Monitoring
Smart Agriculture Sensors: Helping Small Farmers and Positively Impacting Global Issues, Too
When You Need a Machine for Breathing, You’d Better Have Accurate Sensors


Monitor Babies in the NICU Without Wires
UCI Biomedical Engineers Develop Wearable Respiration Monitor with Children’s Toy
Spotting Minute Amounts of Disease in the Bloodstream
Diagnose Lithium Batteries
Stretchable Interlaced-Nanowire Film for Ultraviolet Photodetectors with High Response Speed
3D Printable Sensors Disposed of Without Contaminating the Environment
Graphene-Based Technology for Wearable Health Monitoring
New Electromyography Biofeedback Device


New Products: June 2019 Sensor Technology
Motion Design


Pneumatics for Mechanical Motion
Vision Sensors in Factory Automation


Cross-Training Made Possible by Common Control Platform
Plastic Bearings Redefine the Wheelchair


Snake-Inspired Robot
Calculating the Estimated Fatigue Life of a Disc Spring
Ultra-Low-Power Chips Enhance Performance of Small Robots
Model Gives Robots a Better Feel for Object Manipulation
Gear Bearings


New Products: June 2019 Motion Design