Smart Power Systems, Inc. (Baltimore, MD) has developed a 25-kW single-phase bi-directional inverter. The SPS-Pavan 25 features minimum harmonic point tracking to reduce harmonic distortion and a unity power factor operation while drawing or supplying power into a single-phase grid.

The UL 1741-certified inverter can be paralleled to make 50 or 100 kW systems. Three such inverters can also be used to make three-phase high power systems. The SPS PAVAN-25 is a versatile unit that, with minor modifications, can be used for solar farms as well.

With the SPS PAVAN-25, net metering is made possible for single-phase farm lines and small businesses. The inverter helps energy production under light wind conditions by starting a wind turbine from rest, and provides assistance in shutting down the turbine under high wind conditions.

(Smart Power Systems)