Battery & Electrification Technology

A 'Wireless Power Room' Can Safely Charge All Your Devices


Scientists at Disney Research have developed a new method for wirelessly transmitting power throughout a specially built room, enabling users to charge electronic devices as seamlessly as they now connect to WiFi. They demonstrated their method, called quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR), inside a 16-by-16-foot room that they built with aluminum walls, ceiling, and floor all bolted to an aluminum frame. A copper pole was placed in the center of the room and a small gap was created in the pole, into which discrete capacitors were inserted. The QSCR method involves inducing electrical currents in the metalized walls, floor, and ceiling, which in turn generate uniform magnetic fields that permeate the room's interior. This enables power to be transmitted efficiently to receiving coils that operate at the same resonant frequency as the magnetic fields. The induced currents in the structure are channeled through discrete capacitors, which isolate potentially harmful electrical fields. The researchers safely generated near-field standing magnetic waves that filled the interior of the room, making it possible to power several cellphones, fans, and lights simultaneously.