The World's First Standalone AC (Alternating Current) Battery

Tadashi Kubo and Farazane Taraie
AC Biode Ltd.
Chiba, Japan

The battery is a crucial element of our daily lives. As devices become more mobile and interconnected, demands for higher battery capacity, longer duration, and enhanced safety grow much faster than the commercial batteries on the market today. Additionally, regular lithium-ion batteries use a Direct Current (DC) system, so electricity needs to be converted from Alternating Current (AC) directly from the power grid to DC in order to be stored in the form of batteries, resulting in power losses.

A new battery integrates the Biode — a new type of electrode — to enable an AC system for power storage to deliver batteries that have more capacity, last longer, and are safer. The Biode has characteristics of an anode and a cathode and allows the AC battery to be approximately 30% more compact and safer than regular DC batteries.

The standalone AC battery solution will be licensed to battery manufacturers and parts manufacturers worldwide. The production of the AC battery can utilize existing materials and production lines, enabling penetration of the market faster than competitors that use new industry materials or offer all-solid-state batteries.

The mobility battery market is estimated to be $21 billion USD by 2026 with a CAGR of 4.2%.

A prototype of the AC Biode battery has been developed at 20W. With seed funding, it will be scaled up to 50kW with a Cockcroft-Walton Multiplier optimized for mobility applications.

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Camless Glide Valve Engine Technology

Jeff England, Robert G. McLean, and Gary Cotton,
Grace Capital Partners,
North Little Rock, AR USA

A camless valve-train concept, the Glide Valve Engine Technology is a patented new head design to maximize the volumetric efficiency of any internal combustion engine. The engine seals the combustion pressure with a non-invasive valve and utilizes independent electronic software-driven actuators that can open the intake valve sooner and close the exhaust valve later than mechanically linked poppet valves. This ability to open and close valves on demand produces the ultimate in variable valve timing.

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Conrodless Ultra-Low-Vibration Engine Using Z Mechanism

Kyoko Yoshizawa, Takumi Yoshizawa, Yutaka Yoshizawa, and Satoshi Yoshizawa,
Z Mechanism Technology Institute,
Yonezawa, Japan

A conrod converts reciprocation of the piston into rotation of the crank and is essential for a reciprocation engine; however, a conrod also causes side thrust loss and hinders building a fuel-efficient engine. The Z mechanism is an alternative mechanism to the piston-crank. It separates the reciprocation motion of a piston into the horizontal X direction and the vertical Y direction, resulting in a rotational motion.

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Reversible Magnetic Transmission for Electric Vehicles

Earl Douglass,
Roller Clutch Tools,
Auburn, CA USA

Electric cars, trucks, and forklifts rely on a gear drive system to provide the correct ratio between motor RPM and wheel speed; however, the torque from the motor damages the internal gears due to excess friction. The continuously spinning magnetic transmission features a rotating motor that creates a flywheel effect due to the centrifugal force. This force is converted into torque and reduces the amperage required to maintain the momentum of the vehicle. Benefits include increased run time, extended battery life, increased energy efficiency, and longer travel range.

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Flit Lightweight Folding Ebike

Dave Henderson,
Flit, Cambridge,
United Kingdom

The Flit ebike folds down closer to the size and weight of an airline carry-on bag (30% lighter than typical ebikes) and rides with the handling of a full-sized bike. Features include a unique folding mechanism, a custom suspension system, a battery pack built inside the bike frame, and a retractable fender that allows the ebike to be rolled when folded.

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