Sensor System for Thickness Measurements of Strip and Plate Materials

The high-precision thicknessGAUGE thickness measurement systems  can be integrated into the production line as C-frame as well as O-frame versions. It measures strips and plates on a non-contact basis and with the highest precision. The system offers maximum application versatility as it provides the suitable measuring principle depending on the requirements, and measures thickness from 2 mm to 25 mm.

With laser scanners, laser triangulation sensors, confocal sensors, and electromagnetic combination sensors, various sensor types are available for use depending on the application. As a result, they deliver the best results in a variety of applications, e.g. thickness of battery film, metal strips and coated materials.


  • Compact complete solution for precise inline thickness measurements
  • Different sensor technologies for many types of surfaces and materials
  • Fully automatic calibration
  • Integrated software