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Wireless Sensor Technology for Real-Time Applications
Cooling Lasers with Thin-Film Thermoelectric Coolers

Who's Who

NASA’s Chief Technologist Leads the Agency’s New Focus on Research and Innovation

Products of the Month

COMSOL Multiphysics Version 4.0 multiphysics simulation software
Product of the Month: Wireless MEMS Sensor for Glaucoma Diagnosis
Vibration Cancellation System
Laser Diodes
LED Light Tubes
Dual CCD Camera
Green Laser
Purified Steam Generator
Laser Fluorescence Filters
Fiber Optics Testing Platform
Avalanche Photodiode Receiver
Logarithmic Sensor
DPSS Industrial Laser
CMOS Machine Vision Camera
5-Megapixel APO-Xenoplan Lens
Rapid Automated Modular Microscope System
Machine Vision Software
Plug & Play Driver for Pulsed Laser Diodes
Solar PV Encapsulant

Application Briefs

Cockpit Vision System to Improve Pilot Safety
Vibration Isolators Supplied for James Webb Telescope Testing
Tunable Bandpass Filters
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Ultrasonic/Sonic Rotary-Hammer Drills
Lunar Soil Particle Separator
Miniature Piezoelectric Shaker for Distribution of Unconsolidated Samples to Instrument Cells
Advanced Aerobots for Scientific Exploration

Information Sciences

Algorithms for Learning Preferences for Sets of Objects
Algorithms for High-Speed Noninvasive Eye-Tracking System
Model for Simulating a Spiral Software-Development Process
Adapting ASPEN for Orbital Express
Algorithm That Synthesizes Other Algorithms for Hashing


Exfoliated Graphite Nano-Reinforcements With Surface Modifications to Improve Dispersability
MicroGel® for Passivation of Pigment Degradation
Producing Synthetic Agglutinates in Simulated Lunar Regolith


Automated Computer Access Request System
Range Safety for an Autonomous Flight Safety System
Fast and Easy Searching of Files in Unisys 2200 Computers
Parachute Drag Model
Evolutionary Scheduler for the Deep Space Network

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Processing Nanostructured Sensors Using Microfabrication Techniques
Modular Habitats Comprising Rigid and Inflatable Modules
More About N₂O-Based Propulsion and Breathable-Gas Systems

Physical Sciences

Wirelessly Interrogated Wear or Temperature Sensors
Optical Pointing Sensor
Radio-Frequency Tank Eigenmode Sensor for Propellant Quantity Gauging
High-Temperature Optical Sensor
Fuel-Cell Power Source Based on Onboard Rocket Propellants
Polar Lunar Regions: Exploiting Natural and Augmented Thermal Environments
Improved Speed and Functionality of a 580-GHz Imaging Radar
Bolometric Device Based on Fluxoid Quantization
Simultaneous Spectral Temporal Adaptive Raman Spectrometer — SSTARS
Holographic Vortex Coronagraph
Photon Counting Using Edge-Detection Algorithm
Optical Structural Health Monitoring Device


Orthotic Dynamically Adjusts to Changes in Foot Structure and Movement
Reusable Personal Radiation Dosimeter for Ultraviolet or Radioactive Radiation
High-Altitude Hydration System
Eye, Ear, and Skin Scope
Enhancing Tumor Drug Delivery by Laser-Activated Vascular Barrier Disruption
Fast, Quantitative Diagnostic Reader for Multiple Medical Tests
Miniature Bioreactor System for Long-Term Cell Culture
Fabrication and Modification of Nanoporous Silicon Particles
Electrochemical Detection of Multiple Bioprocess Analytes


Holographic Vortex Coronagraph
Photon Counting Using Edge-Detection Algorithm
Optical Structural Health Monitoring Device

Electronics & Computers

Integral Battery Power Limiting Circuit for Intrinsically Safe Applications
Squeezing Alters Frequency Tuning of WGM Optical Resonator
Configurable Multi-Purpose Processor
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Ideas and Protocols to Differentiate Terrestrial Life from Indigenous Exobiological Life
Polymer/Carbon or Other Materials With Conductivity Approaching Copper and Aluminum

NASA Tech Needs

Predicting Remaining Component Life

Tech for License

Microshutters With Fast Switching Time for Highly Integrated Spectrometers
Size-Controlled Fabrication of Microparticles Incorporating Active Ingredients