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Is It Time to Try Direct Digital Manufacturing?
NASA Awards 2009 Software of the Year
Advancements in Full-Motion Video for Military UAS Surveillance Applications
Imaging Technology Enables 3D Monitoring for Surveillance and Missile Defense
Calibrating Photovoltaic Cells

Who's Who

Dr. Jaiwon Shin, Associate Administrator, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: PoE Compact Vision System
Fuse and Fuseholder
LED Power Supplies
CCD Microscope Cameras
Thermal Imaging Camera Core
Counter-Rotating Doublet Prisms
Machine Vision Solution
Electron and Ion-Beam Microscope System
Optical Table
Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor
Low-Energy Laser Measurement Sensor
Plastic-Coated Silica Fibers
Optical Receiver
Semiconductor Tapered Amplifiers
Infrared LED
Frame Grabber
Low-Light Lens
Vision Appliance
Graphics Adapter Board
Image Processor
Color Cameras
Digital Microscope
SWIR Lenses
Touch Screen Display
Machine Vision Software
Microscope Cameras
Microscopy Camera

Application Briefs

Robotic 3D Scanner Automatically Scans Spacecraft Heat Shields
Automated Data Acquisition and Analysis Test Station for NASA’s CEV
New Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques for Analyzing Organic Photovoltaic Materials
Imaging Technology Enables 3D Monitoring for Surveillance and Missile Defense
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Miniature Piezoelectric Macro-Mass Balance
Acoustic Liner for Turbomachinery Applications
Water Tank With Capillary Air/Liquid Separation
Large-Flow-Area Flow-Selective Liquid/Gas Separator
Metering Gas Strut for Separating Rocket Stages
Counterflowing Jet Subsystem Design

Information Sciences

3D GeoWall Analysis System for Shuttle External Tank Foreign Object Debris Events
Hidden Statistics Approach to Quantum Simulations
Determining Atmospheric-Density Profile of Titan


Low-Outgassing Adhesives
Functionalization of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes by Photo-Oxidation


Multiphysics Analysis of a Burning Candle
Capacitively Coupled Plasma Analysis
3D Direct Modeling Streamlines Micro-Cogeneration System Design and Analysis Processes
Microwaving Moondust with COMSOL
TEAMS Model Analyzer
Observing System Simulation Experiment (OSSE) for the HyspIRI Spectrometer Mission
Probabilistic Design and Analysis Framework
Excavator Design Validation
Momentum Management Tool for Low-Thrust Missions
Mixed Real/Virtual Operator Interface for ATHLETE
Antenna Controller Replacement Software
Efficient Parallel Engineering Computing on Linux Workstations
FAILSAFE Health Management for Embedded Systems
Water Detection Based on Sky Reflections
Nonlinear Combustion Instability Prediction
JMISR INteractive eXplorer
Characterization of Cloud Water-Content Distribution
Autonomous Planning and Replanning for Mine-Sweeping Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
'In-Situ' Pointing Correction and Rover Microlocalization
Dayside Ionospheric Superfountain
Hybrid-PIC Computer Simulation of the Plasma and Erosion Processes in Hall Thrusters
BioNet Digital Communications Framework
Operation Program for the Spatially Phase-Shifted Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometer — SPS-DSPI
Intelligent Patching of Conceptual Geometry for CFD Analysis
Autonomous Exploration for Gathering Increased Science
Space Images for NASA/JPL
Real-Time Feature Tracking Using Homography
Stereo Imaging Tactical Helper
Sparse Superpixel Unmixing for Hyperspectral Image Analysis
NAIF Toolkit — Extended
Systems Maintenance Automated Repair Tasks (SMART)
Centralized Alert-Processing and Asset Planning for Sensorwebs
Support for Systematic Code Reviews With the SCRUB Tool
Planning and Execution for an Autonomous Aerobot
Real-Time Exponential Curve Fits Using Discrete Calculus
Optimal Codes for the Burst Erasure Channel
Short-Block Protograph-Based LDPC Codes
Situational Lightning Climatologies
GOATS - Orbitology Component
World Wide Web Metaphors for Search Mission Data
Phenological Parameters Estimation Tool
Numerical Mean Element Orbital Analysis With Morbiter

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Producing Hydrogen by Plasma Pyrolysis of Methane
Self-Deployable Membrane Structures
Reactivation of a Tin-Oxide-Containing Catalyst

Physical Sciences

Instrument for Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Materials at Low Temperatures
A Safe, Self-Calibrating, Wireless System for Measuring Volume of Any Fuel at Non-Horizontal Orientation
Multi-Axis Accelerometer Calibration System
Pupil Alignment Measuring Technique and Alignment Reference for Instruments or Optical Systems
Autonomous System for Monitoring the Integrity of Composite Fan Housings
True Shear Parallel Plate Viscometer
Maglev Facility for Simulating Variable Gravity
Focusing Diffraction Grating Element With Aberration Control
Universal Millimeter-Wave Radar Front End
Plenoptic Imager for Automated Surface Navigation
Reconstituted Three-Dimensional Interactive Imaging


Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene Technology for Minimally Invasive Devices
Circulatory Assist Pump for Implantable Artificial Heart Device
Ultrasonic Echo Probe With Measurement of Contact Pressure Distribution
Modifying Polyethylene Oxide for Melt-Processability
Topical Compositions and Glove for Protection and Shielding Against Radiation Exposure
Digital Microfluidics Sample Analyzer
Process to Selectively Distinguish Viable From Non-Viable Bacterial Cells
Radiation Protection Using Carbon Nanotube Derivatives


Qualification and Selection of Flight Diode Lasers for Space Applications
High-Speed Operation of Interband Cascade Lasers
Hybrid AlGaN-SiC Avalanche Photodiode for Deep-UV Photon Detection
Mode Selection for a Single-Frequency Fiber Laser

Electronics & Computers

Advanced Flip Chips in Extreme Temperature Environments
Adaptation of the Camera Link Interface for Flight-Instrument Applications
High-Performance CCSDS AOS Protocol Implementation in FPGA
High-Performance CCSDS Encapsulation Service Implementation in FPGA
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Ammonium Probe-Type Sensor for Biofermentation Process Monitoring
Anti-Fouling Technologies for Hard Surfaces

NASA Tech Needs

Icing Protection for Composite UAV Aircraft

Tech for License

Multi-Vector Electronic Control of an AC Motor Drive Reduces Torque Ripple
Innovative Aluminum Flat Solar Collector