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Industry Update: Analysis & Simulation Software
2010 Create the Future Design Contest
2010 Create the Future Design Contest Grand Prize Winner
2010 Create the Future Design Contest Consumer Products Category Winner
2010 Create the Future Design Contest Machinery and Equipment Category Winner
2010 Create the Future Design Contest Medical Category Winner
2010 Create the Future Design Contest Safety and Security Category Winner
2010 Create the Future Design Contest Transportation Category Winner
2010 Create the Future Design Contest Sustainable Technologies Category Winner
2010 Create the Future Design Contest Meet the Judges
2010 Create the Future Design Contest Contest Sponsors

Who's Who

Terry Hill, Engineering Project Manager, Constellation Spacesuit System, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Products of the Month

SolidWorks® 2011 3D Design Software
Thermal Design 3D CFD Software
Graphical Integrated Development Environment
On-board Test Control
Web Dashboard
Linear Actuators
Stainless Steel Bearings
Ethernet Encoders
Servo Drives
Microscope Sample Stretching Stage
Lighting-Class LEDs
Dimensional Measurement System

Application Briefs

Displacement Sensors to Monitor Valve Health and Prevent Rocket Engine Test Failures
NASA Satellite System Ground Segment to Receive Update

Eye on Innovation

Back to Edison, Back to Innovation
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Deployment of a Curved Truss
Reusable Hot-Wire Cable Cutter
High-Volume Airborne Fluids Handling Technologies To Fight Wildfires
Use of ILTV Control Laws for LaNCETS Flight Research

Information Sciences

Predicting Long-Range Traversability From Short-Range Stereo-Derived Geometry
Salience Assignment for Multiple-Instance Data and Its Application to Crop Yield Prediction
Browser-Based Application for Telemetry Monitoring of Robotic Assets
Decomposition Algorithm for Global Reachability on a Time-Varying Graph
Autonomous GN&C for Spacecraft Exploration of Comets and Asteroids
Efficient Web Services Policy Combination
Using CTX Image Features to Predict HiRISE-Equivalent Rock Density
Inversion Method for Early Detection of ARES-1 Case Breach Failure
Evaluating Descent and Ascent Trajectories Near Non-Spherical Bodies


Fabrication of Lanthanum Telluride 14-1-11 Zintl High-Temperature Thermoelectric Couple
Modeling of Alkane Oxidation Using Constituents and Species
A Computer Model for Analyzing Volatile Removal Assembly

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Optimal Flow Control Design
Microfabricated Segmented-Involute-Foil Regenerator for Stirling Engines
Reducing Seal Adhesion in Low Impact Docking Systems
Corrosion-Resistant Container for Molten-Material Processing
Process To Produce Iron Nanoparticle Lunar Dust Simulant Composite

Physical Sciences

Portable Handheld Optical Window Inspection Device
Speech Acquisition and Automatic Speech Recognition for Integrated Spacesuit Audio Systems
Analysis of Nozzle Jet Plume Effects on Sonic Boom Signature
Handheld White Light Interferometer for Measuring Defect Depth in Windows
Optical Sidebands Multiplier
Maximum Likelihood Time-of-Arrival Estimation of Optical Pulses via Photon-Counting Photodetectors
Single Spatial-Mode Room-Temperature-Operated 3.0 to 3.4 μm Diode Lasers
Portable Dew Point Mass Spectrometry System for Real-Time Gas and Moisture Analysis
Self-Nulling Beam Combiner Using No External Phase Inverter


Preserving Phase for Bionic Implants by Rearranging a Signal’s Components
Thermographic Printing Using Organic Silver Salts
Retractor System for Abdominal Surgery
Repeatable, Low-Cost UV Assembly of Biosensors
Tethered Endoscope for Photographing the Esophagus
Isolation of the 'Paenibacillus phoenicis', a Spore-Forming Bacterium
Cell Radiation Experiment System
Monolithically Integrated, Mechanically Resilient Carbon-Based Probes for Scanning Probe Microscopy

Electronics & Computers

Methods of Using a Magnetic Field Response Sensor Within Closed, Electrically Conductive Containers
Miniature Low-Noise G-Band I-Q Receiver
Differential Resonant Ring YIG Tuned Oscillator
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Sanitizing and Disinfection Methods Without UV, Chemicals, or Liquid
High-Barrier Flexible Food Packaging for Long-Duration Storage

NASA Tech Needs

Thermal and Mechanical Stability Challenges for the LISA Mission

Tech for License

Volume-Changing Primary Glass Material
Innovative Aluminum Flat Solar Collector