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Making Multicore Work With Minimal Pain Points
PCI-Express Cards to Support Ares-1 Launch Vehicle
Software Gives Strength-Testing System a Lift
Machine Vision Aids Earthquake Retrofit Studies
Embedded Vision System Increases Inspection Capabilities
Vote for NASA Tech Briefs’ 16th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards
Electromobility Drives Green Vehicles

Who's Who

Dr. Robert Youngquist, Lead Scientist, Applied Physics Laboratory, Kennedy Space Center, FL

Products of the Month

RS3 managed Ethernet switch and RS4 unmanaged Ethernet switch
Data Acquisition Toolbox
Airframe Design and Assembly Software
Virtual Machine with RTOS Platform Support
4 GB Trace Probe
Rotary Sensor
Universal Motor Controller
Hydraulic Cylinders
Triaxial Accelerometer
High-Pressure Valve
Brushed DC Motors
Linear Actuator Drive
DC Motors
Piezo Driver
MEMS Inclinometer
Single-Axis Accelerometer
Magnetic Ring Encoder
Hybrid Stepper Motors
Diaphragm Pump
Nanopositioning Controller
Rail Brakes
Motor Control Platform
Vision-Guided Motion Controller
EtherCAT Communication-Enabled Drive
Food and Beverage Sensors
Non-Contact 3D Digitizer
Thermal Imaging Processor
3D Automated Metrology System
Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera
Tracking/Tracing Trigger Device
LCD Display Modules
Four-Camera Vision System
GigE Line Scan Camera
Gigabit Ethernet Camera
Remote-Head Camera System
Multi-Sensor Camera
Scientific Cameras
CCD Cameras
EMCCD Camera

Application Briefs

Motion Components Optimize Performance of Liquid Chromatography System
Embedded Vision System Increases Inspection Capabilities
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Stacked Corrugated Horn Rings
Refinements in an Mg/MgH₂/H₂O - Based Hydrogen Generator
Continuous/Batch Mg/MgH₂/H₂O - Based Hydrogen Generator
Ko Displacement Theory for Structural Shape Predictions
Strain System for the Motion Base Shuttle Mission Simulator
Pyrotechnic Actuator for Retracting Tubes Between MSL Subsystems


Planetary Image Geometry Library
Automation Framework for Flight Dynamics Products Generation
Product Operations Status Summary Metrics
Mars Terrain Generation
Application-Controlled Parallel Asynchronous Input/Output Utility

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Propulsion Design With Freeform Fabrication (PDFF)
Economical Fabrication of Thick-Section Ceramic Matrix Composites
Process for Making a Noble Metal on Tin Oxide Catalyst

Physical Sciences

Surface-Enhanced X-Ray Fluorescence
Slopes To Prevent Trapping of Bubbles in Microfluidic Channels
Infrared Sensor on Unmanned Aircraft Transmits Time-Critical Wildfire Data

Electronics & Computers

Coherent Frequency Reference System for the NASA Deep Space Network
180-GHz I-Q Second Harmonic Resistive Mixer MMIC
Diamond Heat-Spreader for Submillimeter-Wave Frequency Multipliers
Power Amplifier Module With 734-mW Continuous Wave Output Power
Ultra-Low-Noise W-Band MMIC Detector Modules
338-GHz Semiconductor Amplifier Module
Multi-Stage System for Automatic Target Recognition
Multiple Differential-Amplifier MMICs Embedded in Waveguides
Special Component Designs for Differential-Amplifier MMICs
Update on Waveguide-Embedded Differential MMIC Amplifiers
Ultra-Wideband Angle-of-Arrival Tracking Systems
Rapid Corner Detection Using FPGAs
Single-Receiver GPS Phase Bias Resolution
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Treatment System to Enable Re-Use of Waste Water
Oxygen Barrier Coating on Anodized Aluminum Substrate

NASA Tech Needs

Improving Reliability of Atmosphere Revitalization Technologies

Tech for License

Self-Healing Slide Ring Material Paint
Electronic Device for Damping Impacts