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Imagery in Motion: Advances in Ultra-High-Speed Cameras
3D Displays Emerge and Immerse
Global Car Platforms: Automotive Design With the World in Mind
Create the Future Design Contest Winners: Where Are They Now?
Software Development and Integration Services Support NASA Simulation and Flight Research

Who's Who

Dr. Jacqueline Quinn, Environmental Engineer, NASA’s Surface Systems Office, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Products of the Month

Digital High-Speed Camera
Camera Link Devices
Video-Zoom Objective with CMOS Camera
EST Projector
Mesa Geo 3G Rugged Notepad
SATA-based VME Disk Module
Oscilloscope in a DIP Module
3U cPCI Single Board Computer
Separation Kernel and Embedded Hypervisor
Scalable Real-Time OS

Application Briefs

Vision System Finds and Aligns Electronic Components
General Dynamics to Supply Next-Generation Deep Space Network Antennas
Semiconductor Laser Technology Chosen for Space LIDAR
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Wireless Inductive Power Device Suppresses Blade Vibrations
Anti-Rotation Device Releasable by Insertion of a Tool
Safe, Advanced, Adaptable Isolation System Eliminates the Need for Critical Lifts
Single Piezo-Actuator Rotary-Hammering Drill
A Magnetically Coupled Cryogenic Pump

Information Sciences

Optimal Tuner Selection for Kalman-Filter-Based Aircraft Engine Performance Estimation
Airborne Radar Interferometric Repeat-Pass Processing
Multi-Modal Image Registration and Matching for Localization of a Balloon on Titan
Entanglement in Quantum-Classical Hybrid
Algorithm for Autonomous Landing
Quantum-Classical Hybrid for Information Processing
Small-Scale Dissipation in Binary-Species Transitional Mixing Layers
Coding for Parallel Links To Maximize the Expected Value of Decodable Messages
Superpixel-Augmented Endmember Detection for Hyperspectral Images


Fire-Retardant Polymeric Additives
Catalytic Generation of Lift Gases for Balloons
Ionic Liquids to Replace Hydrazine
Variable Emittance Electrochromics Using Ionic Electrolytes and Low Solar Absorptance Coatings
Carbon Nanotubes on Titanium Substrates for Stray Light Suppression


Wallops Ship Surveillance System
Guidance, Navigation, and Control Program
Source Lines Counter (SLiC) Version 4.0
Single-Frame Terrain Mapping Software for Robotic Vehicles
Auto Draw From Excel Input Files
Observation Scheduling System
CFDP for Interplanetary Overlay Network
X-Windows Widget for Image Display

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Carbon Nanotube-Based Structural Health Monitoring Sensors
Nanopatterning of Inorganic and Polymeric Substrates by Indentation Lithography
Mount Protects Thin-Walled Glass or Ceramic Tubes From Large Thermal and Vibration Loads

Physical Sciences

Improved Ambient Pressure Pyroelectric Ion Source
Correction for Self-Heating When Using Thermometers as Heaters in Precision Control Applications
Gravitational Wave Detection With Single-Laser Atom Interferometers
Titanium Alloy Strong Back for IXO Mirror Segments


Biomedical Textile Material Selection and Performance Considerations in Device Design
SCAFTEX® Non-Woven Bio-Textile for Implantable Devices
Stereotactic System for Localizing Intracranial Targets
Microwave Tissue Soldering for Immediate Wound Closure
CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System Offers Precise, Customizable Care
3D Constrained Surface Controller for Medical Imaging

Electronics & Computers

Power-Combined GaN Amplifier With 2.28-W Output Power at 87 GHz
Plug-and-Play Environmental Monitoring Spacecraft Subsystem
MMIC Replacement for Gunn Diode Oscillators
Binary-Signal Recovery
Volumetric 3D Display System With Static Screen
Feature Acquisition With Imbalanced Training Data
Tech Exchange

NASA Tech Needs

Carbon Nanotubes for Stray Light Suppression