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Engineering in the Cloud: From Simulation to Storage
Adhesives for Optical Assembly
Motion Control Requirements for Medical Instruments

Who's Who

Dr. Dale P. Cruikshank, Astronomer and Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Products of the Month

EX1200-1538 Multifunction I/O Card
2010 Product of the Year Winners
Multi-Axis Servo Drive
Motor-Control Module
DC Gear Motors
Planetary Gearheads
Speed Controller
Control Module
Linear Stage and Driver
Linear Stepper Motors
Fiber Laser Cutting System
Infrared LEDs
Spectral Reflectivity Measurement System
Vibration Isolation Workstation
Laser Power/Energy Sensor Shock Absorber
f/#1.0 Athermalised LWIR Lens
Pulsed Laser Driver
Industrial Microscope Module
Photodiode Detectors
Single Fiber Assemblies
XYZ Piezo Flexure Stage
Inspection Station
High Precision Aspheres
Radiation-Hard Lens
Industrial Femtosecond Lasers
10mm Waveplates
DC to HV DC Converters
Infrared Detectors
Precision Optics
Power Supplies
Thermal Imaging Camera
UV Fluorescent Conformal Coating
Linear Motor Tables
C-Mount lenses
PDL Source/Emulator
Optical Receiver for Laser Pulse Measurement
Electromagnetic Simulation Software
Modeling and Simulation Environment
RTL Exploration Solution
Automated Design Analysis software

Application Briefs

Software Helps NASA Design One of the Greenest Federal Buildings
Motors Keep Telescope Operating in Record-Low Antarctic Temperatures
Robots and Vision Combine for Accurate Sheet Metal Cutting
Visible Imager Technology for Euclid’s Dark Energy Mission
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

High-Voltage-Input Level Translator Using Standard CMOS
Small Microprocessor for ASIC or FPGA Implementation
Source-Coupled, N-Channel, JFET-Based Digital Logic Gate Structure Using Resistive Level Shifters
Monitoring Digital Closed-Loop Feedback Systems

Mechanics & Machinery

Monolithic, High-Speed Fiber-Optic Switching Array for Lidar

Information Sciences

Evolutionary Computational Methods for Identifying Emergent Behavior in Autonomous Systems
Sampling Theorem in Terms of the Bandwidth and Sampling Interval
Spatial Query for Planetary Data
Optimal Padding for the Two-Dimensional Fast Fourier
Safe Onboard Guidance and Control Under Probabilistic Uncertainty
Hidden Statistics of Schrödinger Equation
Higher Order Mode Coupling in Feed Waveguide of a Planar Slot Array Antenna
Meteoroid/Orbital Debris Shield Engineering Development Practice and Procedure
General Tool for Evaluating High-Contrast Coronagraphic Telescope Performance Error Budgets


Commercialization of LARC™-SI Polyimide Technology
Novel Low-Density Ablators Containing Hyperbranched Poly(azomethine)s


MASCOT — MATLAB Stability and Control Toolbox
MIRO Continuum Calibration for Asteroid Mode
GOATS Image Projection Component
Coded Modulation in C and MATLAB

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Low-Dead-Volume Inlet for Vacuum Chamber
Infrared-Bolometer Arrays With Reflective Backshorts
Method for Selective Cleaning of Mold Release From Composite Honeycomb Surfaces
Thermal Control Method for High-Current Wire Bundles by Injecting a Thermally Conductive Filler

Physical Sciences

Two-Axis Direct Fluid Shear Stress Sensor for Aerodynamic Applications
Target Assembly to Check Boresight Alignment of Active Sensors
Internal Electrostatic Discharge Monitor — IESDM
Self-Balancing, Optical-Center-Pivot, Fast-Steering Mirror
n-B-pi-p Superlattice Infrared Detector
Radius of Curvature Measurement of Large Optics Using Interferometry and Laser Tracker
Creep Measurement Video Extensometer


Design Considerations for Battery Connectors
Method of Reducing Stray Energy Burns in Laparoscopic Surgery
Ultra-Miniature Image Sensor
Motion Artifact Extraction Technology for Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement
Corneal Endothelium Delivery Instrument
Software for Image Contrast Enhancement
Highly Sensitive Micro Fluorescence Detector for Bioanalytical Devices
Medical Tube Securing Device
CMOS-Based X-Ray Panel Focuses on Low-Dose Applications
Hydrofocusing Bioreactor Produces Anti-Cancer Alkaloids
A Miniaturized Video System for Monitoring Drosophila Behavior

Electronics & Computers

Amperometric Solid Electrolyte Oxygen Microsensors With Easy Batch Fabrication
Virtual Sensor Test Instrumentation
Evaluation of the Reflection Coefficient of Microstrip Elements for Reflectarray Antennas
Miniaturized Ka-Band Dual-Channel Radar
Radiation-Tolerant, SpaceWire-Compatible Switching Fabric
Wireless Orbiter Hang-Angle Inclinometer System
Continuous-Integration Laser Energy Lidar Monitor
Miniaturized Airborne Imaging Central Server System
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Rendering 3D Simulations from Commercial Geographic Databases
Lightweight Material as a Replacement for Steel Containers

NASA Tech Needs

Mitigation of Rupturing LO2 Vent line

Tech for License

Flexible Absorbent Binder for Packaging Applications
LED-Based Lighting is Two Times Brighter Than Other Technology