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Experts On Design & PLM Software
INDUSTRY UPDATE: Design and PLM Software
Transforming Gaussian Beams into Uniform, Rectangular Intensity Distributions
Designing Optical Systems With Off-The-Shelf Products
Speech Recognition Interfaces Improve Flight Safety

Who's Who

Sam Ortega, Program Manager, NASA Centennial Challenges, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL

Products of the Month

Goniometric Radiometer
Thermal Surveillance Cameras
Color Sensors
Laser Diode Module
CW and Pulsed Laser Diode Driver
Industrial Sensors
Forensic Analytical Microscope
Vacuum UV Imaging Spectrometer
Source Measurement Unit
Submillimeter Achromats and Doublets
Multispectral Imaging Camera
HD Zoom Lens
Laser Diode Driver
Single-Photon Counter
Hybrid Sensor
2011 Products of the Year
SMT to DIP Adapters
Dual-Core Gyroscope
Micro Box Computer
Ultra-Low Phase Noise Clock Oscillator
Protocol Analyzer
Night Vision Camera
Oscilloscope Adapter for PCs
IEPE Accelerometers
Integrated PLC and Motion Controller
Single-Axis Ethernet Motion Controller
Magnetic Encoder
DC Servo Motors
Low-Voltage BLDC Motors and Gearmotors
Cables for Military Robotic Applications

Application Briefs

Air Conditioning Cools Lunar Test Vehicles
Collision-Prediction Capabilities to Improve NAS Integration
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Implementation of a Non-Metallic Barrier in an Electric Motor
MicroProbe Small Unmanned Aerial System
Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Heat Exchangers for the Mars Science Laboratory Rover
Uniform Dust Distributor for Testing Radiative Emittance of Dust-Coated Surfaces

Information Sciences

Hybrid Collaborative Learning for Classification and Clustering in Sensor Networks
Explanation Capabilities for Behavior-Based Robot Control
Shape and Color Features for Object Recognition Search
A DNA-Inspired Encryption Methodology for Secure, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Spacecraft Attitude Tracking and Maneuver Using Combined Magnetic Actuators


Highly Stable and Active Catalyst for Sabatier Reactions
Better Proton-Conducting Polymers for Fuel-Cell Membranes


Key Decision Record Creation and Approval Module
Enhanced Graphics for Extended Scale Range
Debris Examination Using Ballistic and Radar Integrated Software
Data Distribution System (DDS) and Solar Dynamic Observatory Ground Station (SDOGS) Integration Manager
Eclipse-Free-Time Assessment Tool for IRIS
Automated and Manual Rocket Crater Measurement Software An update has
MATLAB Stability and Control Toolbox Trim and Static Stability Module
Patched Conic Trajectory Code
Ring Image Analyzer
SureTrak Probability of Impact Display

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Self-Healing, Inflatable, Rigidizable Shelter
Improvements in Cold-Plate Fabrication
Fabrication of a Kilopixel Array of Superconducting Microcalorimeters With Microstripline Wiring

Physical Sciences

Energy-Based Tetrahedron Sensor for High-Temperature, High-Pressure Environments
Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor System for Monitoring Smart Composite Aerospace Structures
Health-Enabled Smart Sensor Fusion Technology
Large-Area Vacuum Ultraviolet Sensors
Extended-Range Passive RFID and Sensor Tags
SOFIA Closed- and Open-Door Aerodynamic Analyses
Ultra-Miniature Lidar Scanner for Launch Range Data Collection
CCD Camera Lens Interface for Real-Time Theodolite Alignment
Peregrine 100-km Sounding Rocket Project
Sonic Thermometer for High-Altitude Balloons
Corner-Cube Retroreflector Instrument for Advanced Lunar Laser Ranging
Electrospray Collection of Lunar Dust
Coherent Detector for Near-Angle Scattering and Polarization Characterization of Telescope Mirror Coatings


Handheld Universal Diagnostic Sensor
Thin, Absorbent Skin Adhesive
Quality Control Method for a Micro-Nano-Channel Microfabricated Device
Controlling Heat Curing Adhesive Processes Using Infrared Spot Curing
Precise Chemical Etching Method for Diamond Crystal Components


High-Speed Digital Interferometry
Integrated Optics Achromatic Nuller for Stellar Interferometry
Near-Infrared Photon-Counting Camera for High-Sensitivity Observations

Electronics & Computers

Technique for Radiometer and Antenna Array Calibration — TRAAC
Real-Time Cognitive Computing Architecture for Data Fusion in a Dynamic Environment
Use of CCSDS Packets Over SpaceWire to Control Hardware
Programmable Digital Controller
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Manufacturing Methods to Deposit Inorganic Material Layers on Metal Substrates
At-Home Medical Diagnostic and Monitoring Technologies

NASA Tech Needs

Long-Term Data Acquisition, Command, and Control of Spaceflight-Quality Laser Systems

Tech for License

Mirror Switches Between Reflective and Transparent States
Hovering Aerial Vehicles Use Wireless Energy Supplied from Ground