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Optimizing Finite Element Material Models in a Crash Test Dummy
Reducing Machine Controller Design and Deployment

Who's Who

Marcia Domack and John Wagner, Engineers, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

Products of the Month

Rotating Machinery Analysis
Thermoplastic Pumps
Motorized Microscope Stage
Rotary Stages
Spindle Drive
Acceleration Sensor and Gyroscope
Linear Shaft Motor
Rotary Actuator
Motion Controllers
Piezo-Positioning Stage
Vibration Isolation Workstation
Brushless DC Motors
Position Sensor
Diaphragm Pump
Slotless Motor
Digital Accelerometers
AC Drives
Ball Bearing
Vibration Control System
Six-Axis Robot
Servo Drive
Product of the Month: the DEWE2 series
Machine Vision Lenses
Thermoelectric Modules
Ultrafast Lasers
Femtosecond Laser Mirrors

Application Briefs

MEMS Deformable Mirrors Enable Imaging of Earth-Sized Extra-Solar Planets
Plastic Components Ride Juno Spacecraft to Jupiter
Single-Frequency, 1,064-nm Laser Designed for Space LIDAR
Reducing Linear Bearing Wear
Hull-Cleaning Robot for Large Ships
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Mars Science Laboratory Drill
Shape Memory Composite Hybrid Hinge
Ultra-Compact Motor Controller
Binding Causes of Printed Wiring Assemblies With Card-Loks
A Reversible Thermally Driven Pump for Use in a Sub-Kelvin Magnetic Refrigerator
Coring Sample Acquisition Tool

Information Sciences

Social Networking Adapted for Distributed Scientific Collaboration
3D Drop Size Distribution Extrapolation Algorithm Using a Single Disdrometer
Iterative Transform Phase Diversity: An Image-Based Object and Wavefront Recovery
Space Operations Learning Center
Projection of Stabilized Aerial Imagery Onto Digital Elevation Maps for Geo-Rectified and Jitter-Free Viewing
Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of Particle-Laden Temporal Mixing Layers
OVERSMART Reporting Tool for Flow Computations Over Large Grid Systems
General Methodology for Designing Spacecraft Trajectories


Imidazolium-Based Polymeric Materials as Alkaline Anion-Exchange Fuel Cell Membranes
Blocking Filters With Enhanced Throughput for X-Ray Microcalorimetry
High-Thermal-Conductivity Fabrics
Electrospun Nanofiber Coating of Fiber Materials: A Composite Toughening Approach


POSTMAN: Point of Sail Tacking for Maritime Autonomous Navigation
Aerosol and Surface Parameter Retrievals for a Multi-Angle, Multiband Spectrometer
AIRS Maps From Space Processing Software

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Joining and Assembly of Bulk Metallic Glass Composites Through Capacitive Discharge

Physical Sciences

Hemispherical Field-of-View Above-Water Surface Imager for Submarines
Quantum-Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) Focal Plane Assembly


Experimental Modeling of Sterilization Effects for Atmospheric Entry Heating on Microorganisms
Saliva Preservative for Diagnostic Purposes
Benefits of Using Rigorously Tested Routines From Numerical Libraries
Leak-Free Connection for Blood Pressure Monitoring Applications
Mini-Sensor Measures Magnetic Activity in Human Brain
Hands-Free Transcranial Color Doppler Probe

Electronics & Computers

670-GHz Schottky Diode-Based Subharmonic Mixer With CPW Circuits and 70-GHz IF
Hardware for Accelerating N-Modular Redundant Systems for High-Reliability Computing
Discontinuous Mode Power Supply
Optimal Dynamic Sub-Threshold Technique for Extreme Low Power Consumption for VLSI
Self-Nulling Lock-in Detection Electronics for Capacitance Probe Electrometer
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Sterilizable Applicator for Pre-Mixed Liquid Formulation
Force-Feedback Mechanism

NASA Tech Needs

High-Temperature Seals for Non-Nuclear Test Facility

Tech for License

Nozzles Provide Spray Pattern Consistency
Uni-Body Composite Plastic Chassis Reduces Part Count