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Building an Immersive Training Platform for Infantry Soldiers
Modular Software & Metallography: Automating the Analysis Process
3D Printing: A New Mindset in Product Design
Optical Thin Films on Complex Substrate Geometries
Software Programs Derive Measurements from Photographs

Who's Who

Bob Reisse, ALHAT Project Manager, Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.

Products of the Month

Machine Vision Software
High-Resolution Camera
3D Lens
High-Resolution Cameras
Machine Vision System
Infrared Imaging
USB 3.0 Camera
Zoom Lens
Product of the Month: Autodesk Fusion 360 Cloud-Based 3D CAD Modeling Software
633nm Red Lasers
CMOS Sensor
Tactical Fiber Optic Connectors
IX3 Breadboard and Filter Wheel Assembly
2MP Night Vision IP Camera
Laser Cutting Machine
Photodiode Modules
Laser Shutters
Krypton Light Source
Femtosecond Laser
Laser Light Source Controller
High Power Optical Fibers
Dual-Band Raman Analyzer
Deep Cooled Vacuum-Based 6mp CCD
Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System
High-Throughput Spectrometers
Raman Spectral Surface Mapping
Laser Power/Energy Meter

Application Briefs

Controller Boards Bring 12-Monitor Video Wall to the Track
Solar Powered UAVs
Bearing Keeps Spectrometer Stable in Telescope
NASA Uses GPUs to Build More Vivid Flight Simulators
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Apparatus for Pumping a Fluid
Sandwich Core Heat-Pipe Radiator for Power and Propulsion Systems

Information Sciences

Display Provides Pilots with Real-Time Sonic-Boom Information
Vectorized Rebinning Algorithm for Fast Data Down-Sampling
Onboard Algorithms for Data Prioritization and Summarization of Aerial Imagery
Remote Data Exploration with the Interactive Data Language (IDL)
Mixture-Tuned, Clutter Matched Filter for Remote Detection of Subpixel Spectral Signals
SequenceL: Automated Parallel Algorithms Derived from CSP-NT Computational Laws
Determining Temperature Differential to Prevent Hardware Cross- Contamination in a Vacuum Chamber


Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, –80 ºC Phase Change Materials
Soft-Bake Purification of SWCNTs Produced by Pulsed Laser Vaporization
Improved Wide Operating Temperature Range of Li-Ion Cells


Monitoring and Acquisition Realtime System (MARS)
Remote Data Access with IDL
Integrated Lunar Information Architecture for Decision Support Version 3.0 (ILIADS 3.0)
Relay Forward-Link File Management Services (MaROS Phase 2)
Two Mechanisms to Avoid Control Conflicts Resulting from Uncoordinated Intent
XTCE GOVSAT Tool Suite 1.0

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Castable Amorphous Metal Mirrors and Mirror Assemblies

Physical Sciences

Data Compression Algorithm Architecture for Large Depth-of- Field Particle Image Velocimeters


Improved Cell Culture Method for Growing Contracting Skeletal Muscle Models
Hand-Based Biometric Analysis
The Next Generation of Cold Immersion Dry Suit Design Evolution for Hypothermia Prevention
Instantly Capture, Edit, and Store Medical Images via Online Applications
Managing Post-Traumatic Pain with Ultrasound Neuromodulation
Environmental Awareness Leads to PVC-Free Assemblies
Prosthetic Foot Uses Unique Aerospace Material


Partitioned-Interval Quantum Optical Communications Receiver
Cobra Fiber-Optic Positioner Upgrade
Practical UAV Optical Sensor Bench With Minimal Adjustability

Electronics & Computers

Micro-Textured Black Silicon Wick for Silicon Heat Pipe Array
Analog Signal Correlating Using an Analog-Based Signal Conditioning Front End
Robust Multivariable Optimization and Performance Simulation for ASIC Design
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Delivery of Antiseptic/Antimicrobial Formulation
Reduction of Liquid Temperatures in Metal/Glass Containers

Tech for License

Electronic Device Prevents Hearing Loss
Palladium Membranes Separate Hydrogen