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Fiber Delivery of Lasers in Bioinstrumentation
Turbomachinery Solutions for Green and Renewable Energy
Space-Inspired Trailers Encourage Exploration on Earth

Who's Who

Rob Mueller, Lead Senior Technologist, Kennedy Space Center, FL

Products of the Month

High Performance Laser Systems
Compact Laser Modules
Turnkey Laser Systems
2013 Infrared Handbook
Solar Blind Filters
Temperature Characteristics-Free Etalon Filter
Color Filter Stacks
UV Hybrid Fiber Laser
Laser Diode Modules
High-Current DC Interference Filter
Xenon-Ruby Lenses
Digital Camera
Hyperspectral CMOS Camera
High-Resolution Infrared Cameras
MEMS Emitter
638nm Fiber-Coupled Tailored Bar Modules
Product of the Month: BodyCom™ Technology

Application Briefs

Calibration of 2D Cameras for 3D Inspection
NASA Uses Video Processing Platform to Study Hurricanes and Wildfires
Surface Temperature Mapping System Measures Laser-Heated Targets
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Optimized Radiator Geometries for Hot Lunar Thermal Environments
A Mission Concept: Re-Entry Hopper-Aero-Space-Craft System on-Mars (REARM-Mars)

Information Sciences

Sequential Probability Ratio Test for Spacecraft Collision Avoidance Maneuver Decisions
Cursor Control Device Test Battery
Control Software for Piezo Stepping Actuators
Optimization of Turbine Blade Dovetail Geometry
Mixed Integer Programming and Heuristic Scheduling for Space Communication
Video Altimeter and Obstruction Detector for an Aircraft


Self-Healing Nanocomposites for Reusable Composite Cryotanks
Ceramic Adhesive and Methods for On-Orbit Repair of Re-Entry Vehicles
Aerogel-Based Multilayer Insulation With Micrometeoroid Protection
Pt-Ni and Pt-Co Catalyst Synthesis Route for Fuel Cell Applications
Multi-scale CNT-Based Reinforcing Polymer Matrix Composites for Lightweight Structures
Manufacturing of Nanocomposite Carbon Fibers and Composite Cylinders


Test Waveform Applications for JPL STRS Operating Environment
Sasquatch Footprint Tool
Galactic Cosmic Ray Event- Based Risk Model (GERM) Code
Multi-User Space Link Extension (SLE) System

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Advanced Materials and Fabrication Techniques for the Orion Attitude Control Motor
Silicon/Carbon Nanotube Photocathode for Splitting Water

Physical Sciences

ESD Test Apparatus for Soldering Irons
Pneumatic Proboscis Heat-Flow Probe
FPGA-Based X-Ray Detection and Measurement for an X-Ray Polarimeter
Method to Measure Total Noise Temperature of a Wireless Receiver During Operation
New Class of Flow Batteries for Terrestrial and Aerospace Energy Storage Applications
Reliability of CCGA 1152 and CCGA 1272 Interconnect Packages for Extreme Thermal Environments
Using a Blender to Assess the Microbial Density of Encapsulated Organisms


Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Signals Measure Neuronal Activity in the Cortex
Choosing Chiller Pumps to Cool Medical Lasers
Hand-Based Biometric Analysis
Micro-Endoscope as Thin as a Human Hair
New Material Enables Improved Ultrasound

Electronics & Computers

Flight Hardware Packaging Design for Stringent EMC Radiated Emission Requirements
An Offload NIC for NASA, NLR, and Grid Computing
RF Reference Switch for Spaceflight Radiometer Calibration
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Dissolution Device
Grab-Bars and Safety Grips

Tech for License

Acceleration Sensor Enables New Robotics Applications
Water-Based Cooling Fluid Reduces Corrosion