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Photonic Laser Thrusters for Spacecraft Maneuvering
Testing Today’s Most Complex Consumer Device: The Ubiquitous Smartphone
Camera Systems Rapidly Scan Large Structures

Who's Who

David Wing, Air Traffic Management Researcher, Langley Research Center, Hampton VA

Products of the Month

Motorized Zoom Lens
Galvanometer-Based Optical Scanner
Handheld Raman Spectrometer
2.8 MP USB 3.0 Scientific Imaging Camera
Dual-Band Photodetector
Portable Spectrometer
Photothermal Excitation For Atomic Force Microscopy
DOP Meter
120mW Laser Diode
Product of the Month: The RVG200 Videographic Data Recorder

Application Briefs

Silicon vs. Gallium Arsenide Which Photovoltaic Material Performs Best
Prototype Recovers Lost-At-Sea Images
Positioning System Will Keep Test Range on Target
Actuator Meets NASA Requirements for Asteroid Sample Return
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Habitat Demonstration Unit (HDU) Vertical Cylinder Habitat
Brushless Motors for In-Tank Fuel Pumps
Origami-Inspired Folding of Thick, Rigid Panels

Information Sciences

GPU Lossless Hyperspectral Data Compression System
Calculation of Operations Efficiency Factors for Mars Surface Missions
Fuzzy Neuron: Method and Hardware Realization
Frequency-Modulated, Continuous-Wave Laser Ranging Using Photon-Counting Detectors
Robust, Optimal Subsonic Airfoil Shapes
Temperature Dependences of Mechanisms Responsible for the Water-Vapor Continuum Absorption
Kalman Filter Input Processor for Boresight Calibration
Organizing Compression of Hyperspectral Imagery to Allow Efficient Parallel Decompression
Protograph-Based Raptor-Like Codes


Software Suite to Support In-Flight Characterization of Remote Sensing Systems
Spacecraft Trajectory Analysis and Mission Planning Simulation (STAMPS) Software
Cross Support Transfer Service (CSTS) Framework Library
Mars Science Laboratory Second-Chance Flight Software
Arbitrary Shape Deformation in CFD Design
Range Safety Flight Elevation Limit Calculation Software

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Additive Manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Components for Spacecraft Applications

Physical Sciences

Integrity Sensing With Smart Polymers and Rubber Components on Vehicles
Blade Tip Clearance Sensors for Engine Health Monitoring
Multi-Source Autonomous Response for Targeting and Monitoring of Volcanic Activity
Deployable Fresnel Rings
Array Design Considerations for the Solar Probe Plus
Transition-Edge Hot-Electron Microbolometers for Millimeter and Submillimeter Astrophysics


Rehabilitation of Visual and Perceptual Dysfunction after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Implantable Spring for Knee Osteoarthritis
Visual Image Sensor Organ Replacement
A Novel Protocol for Decoating and Permeabilizing Bacterial Spores for Epifluorescent Microscopy
Method and Apparatus for Automated Isolation of Nucleic Acids from Small Cell Samples
Enabling Microliquid Chromatography by Microbead Packing of Microchannels
On-Command Force and Torque Impeding Devices (OC-FTID) Using ERF


V-Assembly Dual-Head Efficiency Resonator (VADER) Laser Transmitter
Twin Head Efficient Oscillator Development for the ACE Multi- Beam Lidar and 3D-Winds
Planetary Polarization Nephelometer
GaSb-Based Diode Lasers for Remote Detection of Carbon Dioxide
Optical Tunable-Based Transmitter for Multiple High-Frequency Bands
A High-Repetition-Rate Seeded Optical Fiber Amplifier (SOFiA) for the LIST Mission and Next-Generation Satellite Laser Ranging

Electronics & Computers

Ultra-Wideband, Dual-Polarized, Beam- Steering P-Band Array Antenna
Centering a DDR Strobe in the Middle of a Data Packet
Submerged AUV Charging Station
Using a Commercial Ethernet PHY Device in a Radiation Environment
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Additives to Minimize Dirt Accumulation
Cost-Effective Cholesterol Tests

Tech for License

Mechanism Allows Pedals to be Used Together or Separately
Technology Tests for Unwanted Microorganisms