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Products of Tomorrow: April 2014
Power for Extreme Environments
Mars Technologies Spawn Durable Wind Turbines
Advances in Manufacturing Fiber Optic Gyroscopes

Who's Who

Michelle Munk, Principal Investigator, Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month
Product of the Month: Non-Contact Laser Beam Monitoring System
1-Chip CMOS HD Video Camera
Multispectral Photodiode Array
Configurable Fiber Laser Workstation
20-Element Photodiode
Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror
Compact Recorder
6 MP CMOS Image Sensor
Short Pulse, UV Fiber Laser
Wide Angle IP Surveillance Cameras
3D Optical Profilers
Precision Laser System
786nm Laser Diode Modules

Application Briefs

Flexible Wing Flap Reduces Noise and Drag
Control Software Navigates Lunar CubeSats
Lunar Simulants Provide Critical Tests for Moon Missions
Beyond Smart Vision


Dielectric Fluid Technology Enhances Transformers
V-Trough Solar Collector Provides Electricity, Hot Water

Tech Needs

Fabrics with an Inherent Thickness
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Pneumatic Sample Acquisition and Transfer System
Brine Residual in Containment
Locking Orifice Retaining Nut
Hybrid Mechanical Electrostatic Actuator for Deformable Mirrors
Reconfigurable Structural Joint

Information Sciences

Safety Analysis of Conflict Prevention Algorithms
CT-CURS: Unwrapping/Re-slicing Software for Cylindrical Objects Inspected Using Computed Tomography
Trajectory Specification for High-Capacity Air Traffic Control
Whole Symbol Moments SNR Estimator Analysis and Implementation
Identification of Abnormal Noise Temperature Patterns in Deep Space Network Antennas Using Fuzzy Logic
Controllable V-Notch in Spacecraft Antenna Pattern for Spacecraft Pointing and Orientation Determination
Quick Thrust Profile Design Analysis for Verifying Spacecraft Operational Capabilities
Numerical Evaluation of Near-Hypersingular Integrals


The Flexibility of ITO Films in Electronic Coating Applications
Electride Mediated Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Patterned Carbon Nanotube Arrays for Displays
Puncture Self-Healing Polymer for Aerospace Applications


Gridded Atmosphere Products from GPS Radio Occultation Measurements with Bayesian Interpolation Technique
Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center Compliance Test Suite
NASA Experiment Designer: A Tool for Running Scientific Workflows
SensorWeb Campaign Manager API Client
Kameleon-Plus: Data Access, Interpolation, and Fieldline Tracing Library for Space Weather Simulation Data
Software for Lossless Data Compression
Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) Software Libraries
Software for Executing International Standard CCSDS 123B
TASAR and TAP: Airborne Trajectory Management Enabled by Traffic-Aware Software

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Tailored 3D Fiber Architecture to Improve CVI Processing
3D Microwave Print Head System for Melting Materials
Novel Chemistry for Deposition of MgF2 Thin Films

Physical Sciences

Optical Phased Array with Digitally Enhanced Interferometry
Mass Spectrometry of Spacecraft Contamination Using the Direct Analysis in Real-Time Ion Source
Lithium-Ion Battery Technologies with High Energy Density
Low-Cost Communications Concept for Smallsats: Opportunistic MSPA
Spatial Standard Observer
Use of Selective Oxidation Catalyst for Amperometric Sensing Electrode
Simple Subset Wizard
COEDI Instrument Design Development for the GEOCAPE Mission
Intercalibration of Measurements from Microwave Sensors

Test & Measurement

Processing COSMIC/FORMOSAT-3 Data for Slant Total Electron Content Measurements
Durability Analysis of a Vehicle by Virtual Test Model (VTM)
Model-Based Prognostics for Batteries
Application of a Physics-Based Stabilization Criterion to Flight System Thermal Testing

Electronics & Computers

Battery Fault Detection with Saturating Transformers
Digitally Controlled, 12-V Precision Current Source for Extreme-Temperature Operation
Scandate Cathode for High-Power, Long-Life Electric Space Propulsion
Hybrid Force/Stress Amplified Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Transducer System
Improved Battery Health Monitoring
Space Modem GMSK Modulator
Barrel Distortion Correction Image Processing Algorithm for Fish-Eye Lenses
Co-Optimized, Blunt-Body Re-entry Vehicle Design Process
Tech Exchange