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Products of Tomorrow: January 2015
15 Questions to Ask About Circuit Protection for Wearable Electronics
Brainwave Monitoring Software Helps Distracted Minds
Design of High-Brightness, Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser Modules
SPIE Photonics West 2015 Preview

Who's Who

Susan Draper, Materials Research Engineer, Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: January 2015
Product of the Month: LED Light Engines for Large FOV Fluorescence Imaging Systems
Low Viscosity, Two Component Epoxy
CCD Image Sensor
Thermal Imaging Core
CCTV Lenses
Fiber Optic Laser Source Modules
AFM TERS Solution
Imaging Sensor Targets
Laser Optics Coatings
Optical Measurement System
4 x 25G Lasers
sCMOS Camera
Solid-State Lasers
High-Accuracy Galvo Scanner
High-Speed Cameras
Focus Module Developer’s Kit

Application Briefs

Design and Analysis Software Ensures Safety of Launch Vehicle Structures
Tiny Camera Lets NASA Inspection Tool “See”
Fabricating Custom Components from Stock Optics
Tech Briefs

Information Sciences

Enhanced Project Management Tool
Advanced Navigation Strategies for Asteroid Sample Return Missions
Half-Cycle Crack Growth
NASA Visualization Explorer
Simple Safe Site Selection (S4) Algorithm
Fast Classification Method for Multivariate Mixtures of Spectroscopic Responses
Feature Database
DRAT: A Distributed Release Audit Tool


High-Performance Polyimide Powder Coatings
Selective Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes
Predictive Modeling of Corrosion Efficiencies and Toxicities
Improving Foreign Object Damage Performance for 2D Woven Ceramic Matrix Composites

Test & Measurement

A Continuous-Flow, Microfluidic, Microwave-Assisted Chemical Reactor
High-Resolution Data Acquisition System Enables Reliable Engine Parameter Measurements
Guarded Flat Plate Insulation Test Cryostat


Active Layer Optimization in Ultra-Thin, Surface-Parallel, Deformable Mirrors
Monolithic Dual Telescope for Compact Biaxial Lidar
Passive Aerosol Cloud Suite

Electronics & Computers

PATTERNS: Panoptic Aspect Time Triggered Ethernet Robust Network Scheduler, Version 1.0
Electromagnetic Waves Transformed from a Coherent to a Quasi-Coherent Nature
An Earth-Observing, Frequency-Agile Radar Receiver for RFI Mitigation
Wireless Electrical Devices Using Floating Electrodes

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Magnetic Thermometer for High-Resolution 10-mK Scale Thermometry
High-Temperature Ultrasonic Probe for In-Service Health Monitoring of Steam Pipes
Low-Weight, Durable, Low-Cost Metal Rubber Sensor System for Ultra-Long-Duration Scientific Balloons
Low-Power Charged Particle Counter for Space Radiation Monitoring
Ground-to-Space Laser Calibration System
Process-Hardened, Multi-Analyte Sensor for Characterizing Multiple Rocket Plume Constituents in a Test Environment


Web-Enabled and Automatic Ground Processing Infrastructure Servicing the UAVSAR Airborne Missions
Variable-Sweep-Wing Aircraft Configuration
Automated Table Lookup Solution Algorithm of the Optimal Powered Descent Guidance for Planetary Landing
Head-Worn Display Concepts for Ground Operations for Commercial Aircraft
Computation of Wing Deflection and Slope from Measured Strain


Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast System for Traffic Situational Awareness
E-Textile Antenna Tuning Stitches
Protograph-Based LDPC Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation
Flight Imagery Recorder Locator (FIRLo) and High-Temperature Radome
Multiparty Policy Negotiation Engine
Tech Exchange