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Products of Tomorrow: June 2015
Choosing the Right Batteries for High-Tech Devices
Improved Calibration Shows Images’ True Colors

Who's Who

Kurt Leucht, Command & Control Software Developer, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Products of the Month

Intelligent Back Light
Flexible Light Engine Material
Diffuser Sheet Catalog
60V LED Driver
6 Watt DC-DC converters

Application Briefs

Software Helps NASA Simulate Performance of James Webb Telescope
Tech Briefs

Information Sciences

Tool for Turbine Engine Closed-loop Transient Analysis (TTECTrA)
Wald Sequential Probability Ratio Test for Space Object Conjunction Assessment
Next Generation of 3DGRAPE: Flexible Framework for Hypersonic Navier-Stokes Shuttle Orbiter Meshes
Delay Tolerant Link State Routing MACHETE Model
Extendable Uniform Remote Operations Planning Architecture (EUROPA) 2.1
Acoustic Emission Analysis Applet (AEAA) Software
Software-Defined Beacon Receiver Implementation Using Frequency Estimation Algorithms
CT-CURS: Computed Tomography Cylinder Data Unwrapping-Reslicing & Analysis, v2
NTTS Search and Reporting


Regenerable Trace-Contaminant Sorbent for the Primary Life Support System (PLSS)
Lithium Fluoride as a Polysulfide Shuttle Inhibitor for Lithium Sulfur Chemistry
Fibers of Aligned Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes and Process for Making the Same
Enhancing MRI Contrast by Geometrical Confinement of Small Imaging Agents Within Nanoporous Particles

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Aluminum Rocket Engine Injector Fabricated Using 3D Additive Manufacturing
Making Flexible Ablators that are Flexible Char Formers
Method for Providing Semiconductors Having Self-Aligned Ion Implant
Femtosecond Laser Processing of Metal and Plastics

Electronics & Computers

Hardening Electronics Against Difficult High-Temperature Environments
Stacked Capacitor Special Lead Adapter
Nanoscale Vacuum Channel Transistor
NASA Flywheel for iPad
Three-Dimensional Photovoltaics Array for Laser-Based Power Transfer
Nanowire-Based Piezoelectric Power Generation

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Free Space Optical Receiver for Data Detection and Radio Science Measurements
Precision Miniature Attitude Determination and Control System
Combined Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects in Aerial Surveillance Images
Neo-Geography Toolkit (NGT) v2
Real-Time, In-Situ Determination and Monitoring of Hot- and Cold-Side Thermal Resistances in Thermoelectric Systems
Physical Characterization of Radiated and Non-Radiated Materials to Temperatures Less than 50 K
Worldview Satellite Imagery Browsing and Downloading Tool
Method and Device for Biometric Subject Verification and Identification
SMAP Radiometer Instrument Science Signal and Data Processing Software (SPS)


Enhancing Neutron Imaging with Grazing Incidence Optics
Motion Blur Evaluation Techniques
Illuminating Permanently Shadowed Lunar Regions Using a Solar Sail


Researcher Spotlight: Imaging Software Improves Video Monitoring of Vital Signs
High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) Upgrades Inspection Results
Advanced Holography Offers 3D Fire Measurements
Cameras Provide Critical Data for NASA Rocket’s First Flight
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