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Products of Tomorrow: July 2015
IonoSTAGE Ensures Accuracy of Pilots’ GPS
High-Performance Data Acquisition on USB
Hyperspectral Sensing for Defense and Security Applications

Who's Who

Kimberly Hambuchen, Deputy Project Manager, Human Robotics System Project, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: July 2015
Two-Axis Gear-Drive Gimbal
Scan System
Laser Diode
SWIR Camera
Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools
LED Drivers
Compact Range LEDs
277 V Thermistor
Intelligent Room Controller
Open Frame, XY Linear-Motor Stage
940nm VCSEL Array
Industrial Picosecond Lasers

Application Briefs

System Tests Flight Control of Dream Chaser Spacecraft
Ion Thruster System Powers Spacecraft to Deep-Space Destinations
3D Machine Vision Using Laser Triangulation
Tech Briefs

Information Sciences

Selective Access and Editing in a Database
Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) Reconfigurable Packet Tool
Bug View
Program Determines When MRO Observations Span More Than One Spacecraft Sequencing Period
Integrated Ground Supported Systems Equation Processor
Build, Assemble, Test (BAT) Planning and Execution Resources Application

Manufacturing & Prototyping

All-Organic Electroactive Device Fabricated with Single- Wall Carbon Nanotube Film Electrode
Purifying Hydrogen for a Life Support Process
Low-Pressure Casting of Bulk Metallic Glasses for Gears and Other Applications

Machinery & Automation

Lunar Materials Handling System
Two-Dimensional Dropped Sensor Suite
Controlling Execution Sequence Using Tactile-Classification During Manipulation by a Humanoid Robot
Autonomous Guidance Algorithm to Auto-Pilot Spacecraft in the Vicinity of Primitive Celestial Bodies
Safe Maritime Autonomous Path Planning in a High Sea State
Human Grasp Assist


Intranasal Scopolamine — INSCOP
Microbial Isolates from Research Activities as a Biological Resource
Chromatid Painting for Chromosomal Inversion Detection
Guidelines for Meal Replacement Bars in a Space Food System


Domain-Engineered Magnesium-Oxide-Doped Lithium Niobate for Lidar-Based Remote Sensing
Fiber-Optic Sensor for Aircraft and Structure Lightning Measurement

Electronics & Computers

Hybrid DC Circuit Breaker Based on Cryogenic Technique
Modular Propulsion and Deployment Electronics System


Scientific Balloons as Solar Sails
Non-Thermal, Plasma-Assisted Catalytic Reactor for CO2 Methanation
Sea-Level Flight Demonstration Altitude Characterization of a LO2/LCH4-Based Ascent Propulsion Lander
Improved Hall Thrusters Fed by Solid Phase Propellant
Aerodynamics Model for a Solid Rocket Booster


Image Processing Software Environment (QuIP)
CubeSat-Compatible, High-Resolution, Thermal Infrared Imager
Fabrication and Imaging Method for Microstructured Photonic Belt Resonator
NASA Vision Workbench (VWB) v3
Flight Proving a Heliophysics Soft X-Ray Imager
Intensity Interferometry Image Recovery
Cameras for All-Sky Meteor Surveillance (CAMS) Version 1.3
Normalized Cross Correlation FPGA Implementation
Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis for Monitoring Hazards (ARIA-MH)
Next-Generation Integrated Camera (NIC)
Homography Warp Image FPGA Implementation
Tech Exchange