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Products of Tomorrow: August 2015
Connectivity in Aircraft Interior Electronic Systems
Custom 3D Printers Revolutionize the Space Supply Chain
Every Measurement Starts with a Trigger
Using Hardware Handshaking to Reduce ATE Test Times
Considerations for Choosing Temperature Measurement Devices

Who's Who

Walt Bruce, Convective Heating for Improvement for Emergency Fire Shelters (CHIEFS) Senior Engineer and Anthony Calomino, Materials and Structures Engineer

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: August 2015
Surface Measurement
Carbon Monoxide Monitors
Electronic Micrometer
Source Measure Unit
Digital Transceiver
Vector Network Analyzer
Gas Monitor
Moisture Analyzer
Laser Micrometer
Portable Analyzer
Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Corrosion Detection
Voltage Meter
Power Monitoring

Application Briefs

Servo Motors Help Launch Vehicles Optimize Fuel
Electrical Connectors Provide Signal Integrity for Orion
Motion Controller Automates Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

DC Transformer
Wallops Flight Facility 6U Advanced CubeSat Ejector (ACE)
Improved Attachment Design for Ceramic Turbine Blades Via Hybrid Concepts
Powdered Copper Cryogenic Heat Exchanger

Information Sciences

Web Application: Ground Hardware Management Tool
Bird Vision System
Fully Implicit Ablation and Thermal Analysis Program, Version 3 (FIAT v3)
CFD Utility Software Library


Lightweight, Flexible, Energy-Manageable Polymer Nanocomposites
Nanocomposites for Radiation Shielding
Lightweight, High-Strength Nanocomposite Magnesium for Radiators
Advanced Protective Coatings for Graphite Substrates
Plasma Extraction of Oxygen from the Martian Atmosphere
Application of Carbon Nanotube Hold-Off Voltage for Determining Gas Composition

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Surface Densification of Phenolic Impregnated Carbon Ablator
Low-Density Flexible Ablators
Solar-Powered Carbon Dioxide Conversions with Thin-Film Devices
Fiber Metal Laminates Made by the VARTM Process
Method to Produce Copper Nanowires for Interconnect Applications

Machinery & Automation

Design and Engineering of Process Plants Based on the “Lego Principle”
Electrochemically Enhanced Mechanical Polishing of Optics
Expendable Cooling System for Venus Lander Concept
Rapid Quench Furnace for Processing Powder in an Inert Environment
Field Excavator with Embedded Force Measurement
Very Low Thermal Power Waste Heat Recovery System for Deep Space Missions
Loop Heat Pipe with Thermal Control Valve for Variable Thermal Link

Test & Measurement

Improved Detection of Kidney Stones Using S-mode Ultrasound
Vector Network Analyzer Calibration for Quasi-Optical Dual Ports
Measurement of the Mechanical Properties of Thin Film Polymers at Cryogenic Temperatures
Estimation of Algae Growth Stage, Growth Rate, and Lipid Content
Isotopic Biomarkers for Rapid Assessment of Bone Mineral Balance in Biomedical Applications
Optically Modulated Miniature Magnetometer

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Low-Cost Solar-Simulated Radiometric Calibration Source
Capacitively Coupled Quantum Capacitance Detector
Nanosensors for Medical Diagnosis
Passive Voice-Enabled RFID Devices
Tech Exchange