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Products of Tomorrow: October 2015
Modern CMOS Cameras as Replacements for CCD Cameras
Underwater Adhesives Retrofit Pipelines with Advanced Sensors
Imitative Robotic Control: The Puppet Master

Who's Who

Amy Keith, Environmental Engineer, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: October 2015

Application Briefs

Custom System Rides the Rails at NASA Radar Range
Service Robots Use Flat Motors to Provide Reliable, Safe Motion
Encoders Ensure Position Accuracy of Linear-Torsion Tester
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Habitat Water Wall for Water, Solids, and Atmosphere Recycle and Reuse
Novel Feedthrough for Instrumentation Lead Wires
Pneumatic Conveying of Lunar Regolith Simulant
Low-Cost, Portable Platform for Mounting Multiple Antennas for Automatic UAV Tracking

Information Sciences

Software Framework for Control and Observation in Distributed Environments (CODE)
Simple RunTime eXecutive (SRTX)
v-Anomica: A Fast Support Vector-Based Novelty Detection Technique
Self-Stabilizing Distributed Clock Synch ronization Protocol for Arbitrary Digraphs
Precision Navigation Strategies for Primitive Solar-System-Body Sample Return Missions
Orbit Determination Toolbox 2012a (v5.0)
Design and Construction of Protograph-Based LDPC Codes
Spitzer Integrated Resource Planning and Scheduling System (SIRPASS)
Tracking a Scene on Earth from Space Using the Adaptive Cross-Correlation Algorithm
Automated Scheduling of Personnel to Staff Operations for the Mars Science Laboratory
Area Coverage Path Planning Using Divided Grid-Graphs
Shape Sensing Using Multicore Fiber Optic Cable and Parametric Curve Solutions
Encoders and Decoders for the AR4JA LDPC Codes
Explicitly Filtered Large Eddy Simulation for Prediction of a Conserved Scalar
Dictionary Management System
National Vulnerability Database (NVD) Query Tool

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Method for Decreasing Additive Manufacturing Build Times Using Arrays of Multiple Deposition Heads
Electropolishing in Pneumatics and Hydraulics


Polymerase Chain Reaction Preparation Kit and Self-Enclosed, Pipette-Free DNA/RNA Isolation Device
Hydrostatic Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Chamber
Reagent and Method of Using a Microfluidic Cytometer for Leukocyte Differential Count
Intravehicular Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (TEPC) Flight Software
Wet Waste Drying Bag
Combinatorial Multidomain Mesoporous Chips for Fractionation of Biomolecules

Test & Measurement

Live-Cell Microscopy and Traction Force Measurements with Simulated Microgravity “Clinochip”
Comparison of Three Methods for Measuring Distortion in Optical Windows
Measurement of O-phthalaldehyde (OPA)
Improved Combustion Products Monitor for the ISS
Decomposition Technique for Remaining Useful Life Prediction
Strain Gage for Highly Elastic, Low-Modulus Materials

Electronics & Computers

Reusable Integrated Instrument Control and Computing Platform
Compact, Two-Stage, 120-W GaN High-Power Amplifier for SweepSAR Radar Systems
Eliminating Wires in Making Electrical Connections to a Stack of Electron and Ion Optical Components
Graphene Composite Materials for Supercapacitor Electrodes
Integrated, Radiation-Hardened Radio Frequency Digitizer and Signal Processing Electronics


Understanding Lens Design Limitations
Megahertz-Rate Molecular Tagging Velocimetry
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