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Products of Tomorrow: February 2016
Drone Control: Flying the Crowded Skies
FAA and Drone Control
CO2 Recovery System Puts Bubbles into Beer
Graphene Supports NASA-Developed Nanosensors
Energy Harvesting and the IoT: A New Bull Market
When Sensors Mesh: How Sensor Networks Improve Performance

Who's Who

Dave McNally, Aerospace Engineer, Air Traffic Management, and Kapil Sheth, Aerospace Research Engineer, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California

Products of the Month

Product of the Month
Integrated Circuits
Wireless Remote Sensing
Wireless Router
Optical Sensors
Gas Sensor Modules
Image Sensors
Pressure Sensors
Harsh-Environment Sensors
Cable Extension Sensors
Temperature Sensors
Submersible Position Sensors
Capacitive Force Sensor
Product of the Month: February 2016
Power Supply
DC Power Load
Battery Monitor
ESD Protection
Power Supplies
DC-DC Converters
Temperature Control System
Electronics Enclosures
Spring-Loaded Screws
Severe-Environment Motors
High-Torque Drives
Rotary Tables
Actuator Control
Motor Controllers
Magnetic Encoder
Roller Chain
Spindle Gear
Z-Theta System
Motion Controller
Rail Brakes
Delta Robot and Controller
Slide System
Positioning Stage

Application Briefs

CAD-Based Process Analyzes Lidar Interferometer Instrument
Plasma Etching System Expands Device Processing Capability at JPL
Researchers Prepare RoboSimian for Tasks Beyond Disaster Response
Energy Harvester Uses RF Waves to Power Air Pollution Sensors
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

NEO Hunter Seeker Micro-Spacecraft and Mission Concept
Multipath, Multistage, Erosion-Resistive Valve for Downhole Flow Control
Passive Close-Off Feature for Sample Acquisition and Retention
Piezoelectric-Actuated Cryogenic Thermodynamic Vent Valve
Amine Swingbed Payload
Decelerator System Simulation (DSS)

Information Sciences

The Advanced Data Analytics Platform (ADAPT): Concept, Design, Architecture, and Operation
Orion Heat Shield Thermal Mapping Tool
Distributed User Interface Management System for Interactive Collaborative Environments
Design Reference Mission Tool for Exoplanet Starshade Mission Study
Data Parallel Line Relaxation Code (DPLR) Version 3.05
Front End Data System (FEDS) Version 10.0
Link Complexity Scheduling Algorithm
BUMPER-CEV Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris Risk Assessment Code Rev. A
Advanced Numerical Integration Techniques for High-Fidelity SDE Spacecraft Simulation
Launch Environment Water Flow Simulations Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Seismometer Simulation Software
The Space Station Modulator: A Configurable Surface Mesh Geometry Model for Aeroscience Analyses
Submersible Phase Change Float Sizing
Method for Evaluating the Pneumatic Hammer Stability of a Fluid-Film Bearing Using CFD
DAWN: a Simulation Model for Evaluating Costs and Tradeoffs of Big Data Science Architectures
Auxiliary Payload Sensor System Simulation Software
Multiphysics Piezoelectric Finite Element Modeling for Designing a Piezoelectric Damping Treatment for Vibration Control of Rotating Blades
EXOS Software


Processing and Damage Tolerance of Continuous Carbon Fiber Composites Containing Puncture-Self-Healing Thermoplastic Matrix
Advanced Supported Liquid Membranes for CO‚2 Control in EVA Applications
Low-Density Titanium-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses with High Glass-Forming Ability
Thermal Management Coating (TMC)
AeroHeating Tools (AHT) Suite

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Method for Fabricating Metallic Panels with Deep Stiffener Sections
Robust, High-Temperature Containment Cartridges for Microgravity
Method for Insertion of Carbon Fiber Through the Thickness of Dense Dry Fiber Preform
Edge-Bonded Shims


Bayesian Sleep Fusion
Technique for Reversible Permeabilization of Live Cells for Intracellular Delivery of Quantum Dots
Introduction of Structural Affinity Handles as a Tool in Selective Nucleic Separations
Functionalized Patterning of Tissue Engineering Substrates
Hearing Test System Suitable for Self-Administered Hearing Assessment
Assessment of Microbial Bioburden Within Aerogel Matrices

Electronics & Computers

Development of a Multi-User Modem for Space Telecommunications
Wire Bonding to Pads in Tilted Planes
cFE/CFS Evolution for Multicore Platforms
Hermetic Feedthroughs for Mission-Critical Electronics

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Advanced Spacecraft Navigation and Timing Using Celestial Gamma-Ray Sources
Generating a Laser Linear Frequency Modulation Waveform for Application in Coherent Doppler Lidar
Outlier Detection Via Estimating Clusters
Wideband Single-Crystal Transducer for Bone Characterization
Wireless Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Microwave Heater System Using RFID-Based Temperature Feedback
Sub-Audible Speech Recognition Based on Electromyographic (EMG) Signals
Precision Detector Conductance Definition via Ballistic Thermal Transport
Embedded Technology

Product Briefs

Production Code Generator
5mm C-QFN Package
Brightness Enhancement Film


ATX Motherboard


Unique Composite Film Could Become Hard Disc of the Future
New Battery Shuts Down at High Temps, Restarts When Cool
Scientists Work to Advance Conversational Computing
Motion Control Technology


Automation System Retrofit Transforms 175-Ton Hydraulic Forming Press


Optimizing Drive Systems for Energy Savings